Boost Your Immune System

first_imgBoost Your Immune SystemIt is important to keep your immune system high in order to prevent any disease. In the present world scenario it is very much important.  Apart from following all medical instructions and health-rules strictly the simple way to keep your immune system high is practising Tandava and Kaushiiki twice a day. These two yoga dances are introduced by Guru Shri Shri Anandamurti. Tandava was propounded by Lord Shiva and Kaushiiki is given by Shri Shri Anandamurti Himself. Due to some biological reasons Females cannot practise Tandava. But they can practise Kaushiki and get a good result. Males can practise both the dances Tandava and Kaushiiki. Performing Tandava only for two minutes and and Kaushiiki for five minutes alongwith three/four asanas can meet our needs in the best possible way. After a deep study and my personal experience of thirty years of practice, I can confidently declare that if a person is able to devote only twenty minutes a day to the practice of Tandava, Kaushiiki and asanas, he or she will be able to overcome almost every type of disease including Corona and lead a happy and healthy life. Kaushiiki and Tandava are wonderful weapons to fight the present health crisis. I would like to draw the attention of concerned authority to look into my appeal. Let everyone at every home practice it. It can be learnt from any Anandamargi or from world wide web.For any further query one can contact with me on 9953052122.I would also request you to go through my recently published book, YOGA—THE PATH TO PEACE AND BLISS which can be had from Delhi Book Store, New Delhi or from read more