Polaroid and Lady Gaga unveil OLED Sunglasses at CES

first_imgWhile I may not be as gaga as fans are of unique fashionista and musician Lady Gaga, I do appreciate eccentric electronics – like those iPod Sunglasses that she sports in her music video, “Poker Face“. Apparently camera and eyewear maker, Polaroid, also thought that those specs looked pretty amazing. So much so, in fact, at this year’s CES the two icons have collaborated to unveil a special set of OLED Sunglasses called the “Polarez GL20.”Not only will these stylish shades protect your peepers from the sun, but they can also dazzle onlookers with dual 1.4-inch OLED screens. In addition, they also include a digital camera located in the middle of the specs so you can capture the world as you go and redisplay it to passers-by.  The Polarez even includes a removable outer shield if you want people to get a better look at the displays and the glasses.Although there was no mention from Polaroid how much the Lady Gaga Polarez GL20 Sunglasses will cost, the company expects to start sending them to retailers around May at the latest.Read more at DVICE.last_img read more