Chase Academy humbles Christ Church 54-23

first_imgChase Academy, Marian Academy and St. Joseph High recorded wins in the U16 Division of the Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) Regional Conference yesterday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Homestretch Avenue. Chase Academy humbled Christ Church 54-23. Stephen DeLeon tallied 26 points, while Omarey Kewley added 14 points. For Christ Church, Tyrese James scored 12 points and pulled in 10 rebounds.Similarly, Marian Academy crushed Tutorial High 34-18. Jether Harris recorded an impressive double-double of 20 points and 19 rebounds.Also, St. Joseph High defeated Brickdam 38-16. Shaquan Gill tallied 22 points, seven steals, seven rebounds and five assists in the rout while Shakeem Wilson scored 14 points and had five rebounds.last_img read more

Mike Tyson called out by Peter ‘The Hurricane’ McNeeley – the man Iron Mike battered after release from prison

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MIKE TYSON has been teasing a return to the ring – and the man who faced him for his most famous comeback fight is ready to try and avenge his loss.Peter “The Hurricane” McNeeley says he is on board to go toe-to-toe with the man dubbed the GOAT for an exhibition match.Mike Tyson smashed Peter McNeeley within 90 seconds of his first fight back from his prison termThe pair fought out a real mismatch in 1995 – after Tyson had spent three years in prisonTyson famously battered McNeeley in less than 90 seconds during his famous comeback fight in 1995 – when he made his professional return after a three-year prison sentence having been convicted of rape.Now in an exclusive interview, McNeeley vowed to avenge his defeat and meet “force with force” should Tyson agree to the rematch.Reports have already claimed Iron Mike is weighing up a deal for a four round exhibition bout with Evander Holyfield.Tyson Fury’s dad John, as well as Shannon Briggs, have thrown their names into the running for a fight with Iron Mike.But Boston brawler McNeeley says that he is ready to “stick it” to Tyson, but not throw bombs – event though he knows that the New Yorker has a superior skill set.In an in-depth interview, McNeeley opened up about their initial fight in Las Vegas, where he was knocked down twice before his trainer threw in the towel.Cheerful McNeely reveals he was terrified before the match, even though publicly he’d promised to wreck Tyson’s comeback.McNeeley was devastated by Tyson’s speed and precision, but also insists his trainers had prepared him well to avoid “damage from power left hooks”.After the demolition, Tyson and McNeeley became friends three years later with the loser confirming he still has “huge respect and love” for Iron Mike.But McNeeley feels Muhammed Ali is the greatest to have ever stepped inside a ring, not his friend Tyson.Like all things in Mike’s life, this whole thing takes on a life of it own and it rolls into a monster.McNeeley on Tyson’s return to boxingOn a potential rematch, McNeeley told SunSport: “Of course I would do it again. It would be a fairytale.“But the bottom line for the world to be entertained by these Gods, it comes down to one thing – money. It is all about the money!“It is all about Mike. I can say things, but it is about what he wants to do, because that is what will happen.“According to Mike he just wants three or four rounds exhibitions for charity. And of course that could be fun.“But like all things in Mike’s life, this whole thing takes on a life of it own and it rolls into a monster.“People are saying that he may come back from retirement and is going to fight Holyfield, I mean come on.“Mike is 53, not in his prime like when we fought 25 years ago. He looks in great shape and maybe he is returning as a pro?“I do not believe that the WBC would rank him, of course Mike could walk into a press conference tomorrow and say he was signing real contracts and everything changes.“But hey I am the same weight and size I was back then, but I am not sure if I can throw or take punches like I did then. You only know that when you step in the ring.“I am not worried for his ring return, but I am not worried. He has huge experience and knows himself.”McNeeley knows Holyfield may be Tyson’s first challenger given figures of £16million have been raised.But he urged Tyson to reconsider, saying: “This is the odd thing, Evander already beat Mike 2 and 0, including he one we all remember as the pay per chew – where he bit his ear off.“So come on, this is not a real No3 fight. People have to got to realise what is real. So I’m not sure if they both need money – that is their business.“Evander does not have a vast fortune, who really knows. But there is no way it can match what we saw in their fights.”Reflecting on his own skillset, McNeeley – whose career saw him have a record of 47 fights and seven losses – said: “Have I got gas in the tank? I am walking – so there is gas in the tank.“I am in good shape – weighing 225lbs – but I am smart enough to know my body was a whole different ball game back then.“I am lean and mean. At 51 my body is not the same, but who knows – maybe I can take a punch better than I did back then.“I last sparred about two and a half years, but I work with younger boxers most days.“I coach a lot of youngsters at the 978 IntenZe (CORR) gym in Lawrence, Massachusetts. I run defence a lot, to aid them their offence. It never leaves you.“These are great guys at the gym, who do a lot of good for the community especially in this tough city keeping kids, teens and early 20s out of trouble. So this would be nice for them too.”In 1995, the then-highest ever pay per view TV audience watched clinic Tyson dismantle McNeeley in 89 seconds in Las Vegas.McNeeley vows that he will repeat the same tactics he adopted that night, despite his disastrous defeat.Peter McNeeley hasn’t ruled out a rematch with Mike TysonMike Tyson looks in great shape as he prepares to return to boxingMcNeeley’s trainer threw in the towel to prevent his star from any hurtHe added: “Look I was the only boxer to ever go after Mike from the bell in round one.“I stuck it to him and I would do the same again if we fought today. You have to meet force with force.“In a real fight someone is looking to knock you out, set you up and hurt you. Look obviously it is an exhibition match no-one will be throwing bombs, trying to kill.“But I would not hold back. These types of fights are like light sparring. You show your boxing skills and then get behind your jab for a bit.“Sure I can box a little, but I am not known for the finesse of someone like Ali.“Mike has been around the block and can handle himself so it could be fun. Maybe for the second one I could achieve the things I failed to in the first match.”He added with his enigmatic Boston charm: “It‘d be nice to see Mike again, but to avoid that upper cut.”McNeeley was lifted from virtual obscurity to face Tyson, the former undisputed heavyweight champion, in front of 16,113 fans at the MGM Grand Garden on August 19, 1995.The spectacle grossed almost £85million worldwide and set multiple domestic pay-per-view records.Underdog McNeeley adopted the same tactics as he approached every one of his previous 37 fights.I had STD to be honest – I was scared to death!McNeeley on squaring up to TysonMcNeeley continued: “I always felt the best way to start was to be as warmed up, worked out and wound up.“I went in there sweating, feeling I could get right on him, while he was cold and get him out of there quick.“And Mike had been away for a while. So maybe he would be Rusty Mike, and less Iron Mike. And also Don King, my then promoter, told me that I had nothing to lose.“It was a lottery ticket for me. Don said ‘if Peter beats Mike Tyson he will get £8m for the next fight.“And I took my shot – and he was a better fighter than me. Short and simple.”Fans watched fearless McNeeley run across the ring, physically smashing into Tyson, before throwing a wild right cross and left hook.But his unrattled opponent fended him off, ducked away from a fraught left hook from the Bostonian before pivoting back up to deliver a thumping right cross, which sent him sprawling backwards.McNeeley recalled: “I had STD to be honest – I was scared to death… not a sexually transmitted disease!“I may not have acted nor looked it, but the truth is I was scared before every fight. If you aren’t then you should not be there.“I stuck with the plan ‘f*** it I am going right at him’. And you look closely you can actually see me saying it in the corner.“Mike weighed 216lbs that night and was all speed – frankly blinding fast speed.“I was trying to get him out of there early, but I didn’t see that really good right cross coming; although the first knockdown I was off balance.“I felt OK because I bounced up and just wanted to get back to him. The referee had no choice to start the count, but I wasn’t out or really hurt.”Mike Tyson took just 89 seconds to beat Peter McNallyMike Tyson was one of the most feared fighters on the planetCredit: Getty Peter McNeeley has opened up about his friendship with Mike TysonThe referee gave McNeeley a seven-count, before he again tore across the canvas to attack Tyson.The American continued: “I’ve got film of the footage afterwards from Showtime, and I saw how the speed overwhelmed me.“I hit Mike with a couple of head shots, but it did not matter. His trainers had him prepare well too.“My great career punch was a left hook, either to the head or the body. And Mike held on to that arm, which was a smart thing to do avoid getting hurt.“Still, I didn’t stop trying. Probably I should have changed up my routine and gone to jab… but life ain’t about ‘what if’.”Tyson shied away from the wild hooks and crosses for just over a minute longer.And at the 74-second mark he began to unload a flurry of six stinging left and right hooks, before smashing a devastating right upper cut on his chin.McNeeley remembered: “It became clear in his mind that this kid will throw bombs at me, so let’s get him out of here.“If I would have caught him, given his contract with Showtime and MGM, it would have cost him a lot.“So he came at me, he switched to southpaw and got me clean with his best punch – that career punch – the right upper cut point blank on the chin.“I don’t remember this, but if you look at the film closely I went down on my face as I couldn’t get my hands up to stop my fall.“You know something is wrong. When I did get up at the count of four I was out of my face. I was mixed up, my pupils were dilated as s*** and concussed.“[Trainer Vinnie Vecchione] was a foot away from me, because I got knocked down in my own corner, and he saw my eyes.”Vecchione stepped into the ring to protect his fighter from more damage as boos rang out across the arena.And McNeeley added: “People were mad when Vinnie jumped and stopped the fight and I feel Vinnie did the right thing stopping the fight.“At the time I was p***ed, but I understand why he did that. My instinct was I wanted to go at him a third time.“But when Mike Tyson has you hurt, he is like a shark in blood infested waters. When you are hurt – he is going to f*** you up. That is the bottom line.“If I would continued maybe he would have hurt me real bad.”McNeeley, raised in Medfield, laughed: “I respect Vinnie for that. Afterwards, I went up to Mike and said you will be champion again. And since that moment I was tied to Mike for life.”And he enjoyed the fame for a couple of years – earning over £230,000 for commercial deals with brands like Pizza Hut and AOL.He continued: “I am smart enough and man enough to know I was just the co-star. But I have always been a confident kid and being out with media came easy for me.“Everyone loved to joke about Vinnie stopping the fight, but it turned out well.“We ended up getting two commercials after the fight. Him stopping it like that by stepping one ring made us more money.“I did a famous Pizza Hut commercial. And the other thing I will never forget Vinnie called me up and said ‘you’ve been offered this other computer thing America Online – who the hell knows what it is!“That was back in 1995 and let’s be honest who knew that it would become this big thing. It was fun times and I take it all in good spirits.”We used to call each other, and every time without fail he would ask: ‘Peter how is your father’. That is respect.McNeeley on ‘respectful’ TysonMcNeeley won the USBF heavyweight title a few weeks later, while Tyson retained his WBC and WBA crowns.The Boston star felt he may never get to express his thanks to Tyson, until a bizarre connection played out in September 1998.McNeeley said: “This one time Mike was in Boston and by coincidence he happened to be driven by my old limo driver Dave.“And Dave called me up and said: ‘Pete you’re never going to believe this… I am driving Mike Tyson. Should I say anything about you?’“I said ‘hell yeah… you might help me get the rematch!’“I just got a message that Mike thought it was funny and he would like to have dinner one time if I had time.“Some time passed and Dave came by and said Mike wants to take me out to dinner. I got home and Tyson was on my voicemail asking if I wanted to hook up.“Next thing I know, the limo driver was banging on my door saying Tyson was at his hotel room in Cambridge, with his second wife and their kids.“Mike shook my hand, hugged me and talked to me for about 15 minutes. I am still grateful I got that time with him, because things were going on in his life far greater than meeting me.“It was nice to be with him without it being TV cameras, a press conference or anything fight-related.“These things get blown out of proportion around these fights and Mike. People are just people. They all put their pants on the same way.“He came across as a kind, down to earth, humble guy. It was pretty special.“I did not hear from until nine years later, in 2007 when he got my landline phone number from somebody and called me and we ended talking for a few months.“We used to call each other, and every time without fail he would ask: ‘Peter how is your father’. That is respect.“He knew that my dad fought Floyd Patterson and Jose Torres, who were two of his mentor Cus D’Amato’s fighters. And of course Mike knows his boxing history.“It is nice to talk to him on a normal level. I am not one of his best friends, but it was great to have connected like we did.”Grinning, he added: “Mike has talked about me in public and has always said nice things about me. He is a great guy – I love the guy.“I am glad he is doing so well. And when Mike is doing good. I am doing good. And our names are attached henceforth.“Tyson was my hero when I was in college. I still won’t forget at the weigh in, his stare, his presence and the tension.“And he very calmly said, ‘good luck’, and shook my hand. That says it all.”But McNeeley revealed he still regards Ali as the best ever, saying: “Me, personally, I think Ali in the 1960s was best.“He had speed and he could punch. That fight he had with Cleveland Williams in 1966 that was the greatest heavyweight performance ever.”In the last 25 years, McNeeley has had a small negative reaction over his swift defeat.He revealed: “Can you believe people are still prank calling me about that fight. They ring up calling me bum, saying I sucked. I am not joking.“I try to talk to these idiots, but these people aren’t kids they are adults. I am like, ‘you are making a prank call – what is wrong with you? Why are you are wasting your time talking to me.’“It is hilarious. Someone told me once if you get prank calls you it means you made a difference.“People think I am punch drunk and I took too many punches. I had 54 pro fights and I am proud of that – I am a third generation McNeeley fighter. The trickle down effect has been wonderful.”By the late 1990s McNeeley was overcome with addictions to drink and drugs.At one point he claims to have lived in a crack house in Brockton, blowing £30,000 in six weeks.In 2006 he was arrested for a couple of petty crimes, the first for punching a man and stealing his wallet containing £160, and the second for driving the getaway car used in a robbery of a Walgreens store.His distraught mum saved him from lifetime money woes, essentially taking over his bank accounts.McNeeley said: “It is no big secret I had my alcohol and drug problems back then. I trained hard, fought hard and I played hard.“I couldn’t say why I did all that. It was all in my head. I needed to grow up and say ‘why are doing that?“I can sit here and point the finger at this and that, but at the end of that was the way I was that day. Today I couldn’t care less if I never had a beer again.“I miss smoking the green stuff. But say if I did that again who knows what would happen. I feel stable now.“I put my issues on the shelf. My mother seizing my money was the best thing that ever happened to me.“But I don’t run around Boston like I used to. I was always in Boston drinking and doing coke in the 90s.“Today when I go there it’s to hang with my six-year-old daughter, who is the greatest thing in my life.”Mike Tyson shows off shredded physique aged 53 in gym workout with MMA legend Vitor Belfort ahead of boxing return last_img read more

Marshfield’s Anna Ripp named honorable mention all-state by Wisconsin Volleyball Coaches Association

first_imgRipp was first-team all-Wisconsin Valley Conference pickBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterMARSHFIELD — Marshfield junior setter Anna Ripp was chosen as an honorable mention selection to the 2015 Wisconsin Volleyball Coaches Association all-state team, which was released following the WIAA state tournament last week.Ripp had 921 assists, 239 digs, 51 kills, and 57 total blocks this season for the Tigers, who finished second in the Wisconsin Valley Conference and reached the WIAA Division 1 sectional finals before losing to D.C. Everest.Ripp was one of four WVC players to earn honorable mention recognition, joining Merill’s Emily Page and Ali Zamzow and D.C. Everest’s Regan Stefan.Wausau Newman Catholic’s Mariah Whalen was among the 12 players selected to the first team.(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of Wisconsin Volleyball Coaches Association All-State TeamFirst team: Mariah Whalen, jr., Wausau Newman Catholic; Hope Werch, jr., Neenah; Victoria Brisack, sr., Verona; Quinn Spieker, sr., Burlington; Mary Dodge, sr., East Troy; Brooke Andersen, so., Lake Country Lutheran; Leah Fenske, so., Oconomowoc; Madeline Mosher, sr., Waterloo; Maddy Rondeau, jr., Waukesha Catholic Memorial; Allie Barber, sr., Cedarburg; Annie Ertz, sr., Milwaukee Divine Savior Holy Angels; Maddie Voss, sr., Milwaukee Divine Savior Holy Angels.Second team: KaSandra Springer, sr., Altoona; Samantha Jaeke, sr., Oshkosh Lourdes; Ali Rueter, sr., Burlington; Katrina Santos, sr., East Troy; Heather Moutvic, sr., Oconomowoc; Kylie Wilks, sr., Union Grove; Lexi Alden, jr., Waukesha Catholic Memorial; Ivey Whalen, jr., Waukesha Catholic Memorial; Katie Arnold, jr., Milwaukee Divine Savior Holy Angels; Lauren Litzau, sr., Greendale; Sarah Dodd, sr., Kenosha Tremper; Sandra Mohr, sr., Muskego.Third team: Jenna Hoffstatter, sr., Stanley-Boyd; Shae Brey, sr., Eau Claire Regis; Jenna Miller, jr., Appleton North; Corinne Meglic, jr., Green Bay Notre Dame; Morgan Stecklein, sr., Platteville; Michelle Budden, sr., Southwestern; Claire Chaussee, so., Sun Prairie; Kylie Schmaltz, sr., Verona; Jenna Stefan, sr., Hartland Arrowhead; Miranda Wucherer, so., Brookfield Central; Rachel Frankowski, sr., Menomonee Falls; Brooke Gostomski, jr., Muskego.Honorable mention: Bekka Baures, sr., Cameron; Lakken Meredith, sr., Colfax; Olivia Tucker, sr., Grantsburg; Emily Lautenschlager, sr., Hortonville; Madi Walter, sr., Hortonville; Jamie Reit, sr., Stanley-Boyd; Taylor Schneider, sr., Turtle Lake; Regan Stefan, jr., D.C. Everest; Anna Ripp, jr., Marshfield; Emily Page, sr., Merrill; Ali Zamzow, sr., Merrill; Claire Nievinski, sr., Mosinee; Abbey Fox, sr., Wausau Newman Catholic; Rylie Vaughn, so., Wausau Newman Catholic; Becca Doughty, sr., Tomahawk; Hanna Meyer, sr., Tomahawk; Kristi Springer, jr., Altoona; McKenzie Baeseman, so., Royall; Paige Hyer, sr., Royall; Megan Schweitzer, sr., Appleton East; Alyssa Wolslegel, sr., Appleton North; Sarah Johnshoy, sr., Appleton West; April Gehl, sr., Hilbert; Laura Chier, sr., Oshkosh Lourdes; Haley Yagodinski, sr., Luxemburg-Casco; Mallory Dixon, sr., Manitowoc; Katie Henry, sr., Manitowoc; Bailey Ramich, sr., Neenah; Maureen Schick, sr., Green Bay Notre Dame; Hailey Hendrix, sr., Oshkosh West; Annika Gereau, sr., Winneconne; Sydney Stroud, sr., Madison Memorial; Lorgan Welti, sr., Middleton; Alyssa Mueller, sr., River Valley; Julie Touchett, sr., Verona; Greta Paszek, so., Hartland Arrowhead; Kennedy Hehr, jr., Big Foot; Phoebe Hozeska, sr., Burlington; Mackenzie Ebert, jr., Campbellsport; Morgan Raley, sr., Fall River; Amanda Dahlman, jr., Kettle Moraine Lutheran; Hannah Kuehl, so., Kettle Moraine Lutheran; Amber Rowoldt, so., Lakeside Lutheran; Erin Dietzler, jr., Mukwonago; Katie Schoessow, so., Mukwonago; Natalie Perrault, jr., Oconomowoc; Mia Grunze, so., Waterford; Claire Mosher, so., Waterloo; Ellee Jensen, jr., Watertown; Maya Roberts, jr., Watertown; Kyra Verhyen, sr., Waupun; Lexie Uselding, sr., West Bend East; Cami Herman, so., Brookfield Central; Abigail Strebig, sr., Brookfield Central; Louise Kiekhofer, sr., Brookfield East; Katherine Christian, jr., Waukesha Catholic Memorial; Katie Rolfe, jr., Milwaukee Divine Savior Holy Angels; Megan Marks, sr., Germantown; Jessica Grabowski, so., Greendale; Kayce Litzau, fr., Greendale; Elizabeth Kalous, sr., Greenfield; Kayla Dowler, fr., Sussex Hamilton; Juliana Tirabassi, sr., Kenosha Tremper; Aniya Whittington, sr., Kenosha Tremper; Mackenzie Robertson, jr., Menomonee Falls; Allie Beckers, sr., Mequon Homestead; Alexandria Brown, sr., Milwaukee Lutheran; Kara Conley, jr., Glendale Nicolet; Mackenzie Eford, jr., Glendale Nicolet; Sara Januszewski, sr., Oak Creek; Ellie LeCount, sr., Racine St. Catherine’s; Clare Honan, jr., Wauwatosa West; Abby Arena, so., West Allis Hale; Kendall Stribling, sr., Whitnall; Annie Rasmussen, sr., Wisconsin Lutheran; Elle Van Grinsven, Wisconsin Lutheran.last_img read more

Bafana exit World Cup on a high

first_img23 June 2010Bafana Bafana bowed out of the 2010 Fifa World Cup with heads held high in Bloemfontein on Tuesday, playing with style and belief to score South Africa’s first ever win over France. The 2-1 victory left them placed third in Group A, level with Mexico on four points, losing out only on goal difference.Bloemfontein is renowned for its passionate football fans, and a crowd of 39 415 at the small Free State Stadium made the crowd appear much bigger than it was. The place was rocking, and the South African supporters were rewarded with an equally passionate performance by Bafana Bafana.Aaron Mokoena and company showed huge appetite for the contest, which contrasted markedly with a deflated looking French squad. For most of the game, France, World Cup finalists only four years ago, were laboured and poor.French problemsThere had been huge problems in the French camp in the lead-up to the match, with the squad refusing to train on Sunday after striker Nicolas Anelka had been sent home on Saturday. This followed a bitter tirade he had launched at coach Raymond Domenech at half-time of France’s 2-0 loss to Mexico.Further evidence of the discord in the French camp was evident in the benching of captain Patrice Evra for Tuesday’s clash, with Alou Diarra taking over as captain.In the tunnel before the teams took the field, the difference was clear: France looked tense, talking in muted tones, while there was a determined look in the eyes of the South Africans, a oneness that was lacking in the French team.South African changesSouth Africa showed a number of changes, through suspensions and the need to attack and find another gear going forward. There were starts for Moeneeb Josephs, Anele Ngongca, MacBeth Sibaya, Thanduyise Khuboni, and Bernard Parker.France were the first to make any sort of waves once the contest was under way. Andre-Pierre Gignac managed an early shot on goal, but it was directly at Josephs in the South African goal and he had no problems dealing with it.In the 10th minute Djibril Cisse steered a glancing header goalwards, but once again it went straight into the welcoming arms of the goalkeeper.South Africa’s first effort on goal came in the 17th minute when MacBeth Sibaya took a shot from distance, but it flew high and wide.Bafana Bafana had struggled to make much impact on the French defence, finding it hard to penetrate at all in the final third of the field, but that was soon to change.Goal!On 20 minutes the home team won its first corner of the game. Siphiwe Tshabalala swung it in. goalkeeper Hugo Lloris started to come for it, but then back-pedalled. The ball flew over his head to the back post and central defender Bongani Khumalo, showing plenty of desire, rose up and headed it down into the ground.The ball bounced up and into the net and the crowd exploded with joy. Khumalo took off towards the crowd, blowing kisses, and for a moment Bafana Bafana supporters began to dream that the big win they needed to reach the next round might be on.Cisse responded with a shot a few minutes later, but it was a harmless effort that passed wide of Joseph’s left hand post.South African striker Katlego Mphela then made a mazy run from halfway to deep inside the French half. He fired from the top of the box and Lloris needed to pull off a good save, diving to his right, to deny Mphela.Red cardA minute later the game took a decisive turn in favour of South Africa. MacBeth Sibaya and Youann Gourcuff rose to contest a header in South African territory. Gourcuff caught Sibaya with an elbow in the face and the midfielder went down. It didn’t look like there was too much in it, a yellow card maybe, but.The referee, to the surprise of most, produced a red card and the French were down to 10 men! Matters were going from bad to worse for Les Blues.For a while after the sending off, the game struggled to find some rhythm, but Bafana Bafana slowly started to make use of their one-man advantage.Steven Pienaar earned a free kick on the right, outside of the box, and Siphiwe Tshabalala fired a shot not far over the crossbar.Two goals upA minute later, in the 34th minute, Bafana Bafana went two goals up. Tsepo Masilela initiated an attack down the left and laid the ball off for Tshabalala, who had an overlap.He centered and the ball ricocheted off a defender back to Masilela, who had continued his run. He crossed the ball on the ground and square to Mphela, who bundled it across the line from only two metres out.South Africa were two goals up and the French well out of the game. Once again, the South African fans began to dream.maybe an improbable place in round of 16 was on the cards.In the back of the netAlmost immediately Bafana Bafana had the ball in the back of the net again, but Bernard Parker, who had struck a sweet shot was rightly ruled offsides.France’s best moment of the half came with half-time approaching when Josephs fended off a dangerous looking free kick that William Gallas just failed to get a touch on.Two minutes from the break, Mphela once again tested Lloris with another long range effort that passed across the goalie. He was forced to deflect it behind for a corner.Good value for their leadThe half ended with South Africa 2-0 up and good value for their lead. The crowd was happy and with Uruguay 1-0 up against Mexico, the possibility of progressing looked reasonable, if unlikely, as the home team had France on the rack.French coach Raymond Domenech made a change at the start of the second half, bringing on Florent Malouda, which added some sting to France’s attacking efforts.South Africa, though, were the first to ask a question when Parker fired a left-footed shot on goal. Lloris dealt with it comfortably, however.Beautiful moveThen followed a beautiful move by Bafana Bafana. Pienaar passed from the middle of the park to Tshabalala, who found himself on the right. He picked out Mphela, steaming up on the left, with a fantastic ball between the two central defenders.The striker was in the clear, with only Lloris to beat. The goalie raced out and made himself as big as possible. Mphela shot to the left of Lloris and the ball grazed the outside of the goalie’s left hand post. It was a glorious opportunity spurned.On the sidelines, Bafana Bafana’s reserves, who were busy warming up, held their hands to their heads in unison.Ngongca was then replaced by Siboniso Gaxa after picking up an injury and Thierry Henry came on for Djibril Cisse. With his 17th World Cup finals appearance, Henry equalled the French record.Just before the hour-mark, Mphela tested Lloris with another excellently struck shot from distance, forcing the net-minder to concede another corner.Weak shotFranck Ribery made a good run into the South African box but, surrounded by three defenders, produced a disappointingly weak shot that passed high over the crossbar.Mphela then had another good chance to extend Bafana’s lead. He found space on the right, rounded the defence and closed in on the goalkeeper in the box. Lloris blocked the shot with his legs and the ball deflected back into the striker and out for a goal kick.Siyabonga Nomvethe, the scorer of the goal in South Africa’s only previous World Cup finals win – 1-0 over Slovenia in 2002 – was brought on for Parker after 68 minutes.French goalOn 70 minutes, France, showing more fight and rhythm, pulled one goal back. Bacary Sagna picked out Ribery on the right with a lovely pass. Ribery could have shot but, astutely, he drew Josephs before centering the ball. Malouda ran onto it and scored from an easy tap-in.The goal effectively killed off South Africa’s dream of an improbable place in the next round.Pienaar came ever so close to providing Khumalo with his second goal in response, his free kick passing only centimetres from the defender’s head in front of the French goal.Three minutes of additional time was shown to be played and it provided some stirring action. Teko Modise, on for Thanduyise Khuboni, fired off a strong shot into the side netting from the left and then followed a great chance for Bafana Bafana.Great chanceTshabalala was picked out in the goal box after Nomvethe had left a cross from the right. He had plenty of time and space to shoot, but Lloris reacted quickly to try to close him down. Tshabalala fired and the ball almost stopped, spinning on the spot. The South African midfielder raced to pick up the rebound, but Gallas was on hand to clear.Not long afterwards the final whistle sounded and South African supporters were left with a strange mixture of pride and disappointment. It had been a gallant effort by the national football team, but it had not been enough to clinch a place in the round of 16.With Uruguay beating Mexico 1-0 in the day’s other Group A contest, South Africa finished level on points with the Mexicans, but lost out on goal difference. Mexico had scored three goals and conceded two in their three games, while Bafana finished with three scored and five given up.Uruguay topped the standings with seven points, while France finished bottom with only one point and the single goal they scored against Bafana.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Avenue HQ owner waiting on rebuilding decision after tornado

first_imgRebuild, or move on?That’s the decision ahead of many Jefferson Citians after the May tornado destroyed their homes and businesses.Quinten Rice’s Avenue HQ on East Capitol is barely standing.“It’s the fun game of just waiting for insurance and engineers, and waiting for the math to get done to decide what we can and can’t do,” Rice says. “It stinks, you know. It’s part of it.”Rice’s old Dix Apartments building took a direct hit from the storm. It has been a music venue and provided offices for start-up businesses.last_img read more

Bunker One to Start Marine Fuel Supply in German Ports

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pexels under CC0 Creative Commons license Denmark-based marine fuel supplier Bunker One revealed plans to establish a new physical bunker entity that will serve the German market. The new entity Bunker One (Germany) GmbH will be supplying marine fuel products and other related services to ferry, container and other commercial vessels in all ports it the German North Sea and Baltic Sea regions with bases in Rostock, Kiel and Hamburg.Products will be delivered by barge, truck, and ex pipe. The new business unit will operate storage facilities in several relevant locations in Germany. Barge deliveries will be carried out by tank vessels, according to Bunker One.From mid 2019 the latest, the physical operation will be able to provide very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) with a maximum sulphur content of 0.5%, as informed by Bunker One.Last month, Bunker One also started with its operation in Jamaican ports, off Jamaica and Trinidad. In the Caribbean, the company is using two specialized tankers – MT Kalymnos and MT Keflonia.last_img read more