Senior Vice President for Advancement

first_imgBennington College, a private, liberal arts college located insouthwestern Vermont, seeks applications for the new position ofSenior Vice President for Advancement, Communications, andMarketing to join a visionary new president at a pivotal moment inthis great institution’s history, and be highly engaged indeveloping the strategic plan that outlines the next chapter ofBennington’s future as a vibrant, sustainable college and leader inhigher education. [downloadablepdf]About Bennington CollegeBennington College is an innovative and distinguished liberalarts college in Bennington, Vermont that has, since its founding in1932, dedicated itself to cultivating change-makers andculture-shapers. Bennington was the first to include the visual andperforming arts in a liberal arts education, and it is the onlycollege to require that its students spend a term—every year—atwork in the world. Bennington students work intensively withfaculty to forge individualized and hands-on educational pathsaround their driving questions and interests.Situated on 440 breathtaking acres, the College currentlyenrolls nearly 800 undergraduate and graduate students (697undergraduate and 102 graduate) and offers a low student-to-facultyratio. Most of the undergraduate students live on campus.Bennington has 124 faculty (undergraduate and graduate combined)and 195 full-time and 20 part-time staff, an operating budget of$40 million and a current endowment value of $30 million(approximately $60 million counting all unfulfilled pledges andbequests).Bennington’s campus is known for its expansive beauty,distinctive architecture, and rich history. The College was namedone of ten with the best architecture by Architectural Digest. Fromcampus, it is a short drive to MASS MoCA, the Clark, and othercultural offerings of the northern Berkshires in Massachusetts,Albany, New York, and many of Vermont’s top recreational centers.New York City, Boston, and Burlington, Vermont are all within threeand a half hours by car.In addition to the Bachelor of Arts degree, Bennington offers anMFA in Dance, low-residency MFAs in Writing and Public Action, anda Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program. Rooted in an abiding faithin the talent, imagination, and responsibility of the individual,Bennington invites students to pursue and shape their ownintellectual inquiries, and in doing so to discover theinterconnection of things.Since the beginning, Bennington has viewed students asprotagonists in their own education. With the help of a faculty ofteacher-practitioners, each student is required to develop, revise,implement and evaluate an individual academic plan that frames andconstitutes his or her undergraduate trajectory—a process known asThe Plan. The result is a continuously evolving and intentionallyelastic institution that puts a premium on the creation of newwork, personal responsibility and the contribution of theindividual while ensuring that students learn, perhaps above all,how to merge the ideals of personal freedom with those of publicresponsibility.Bennington’s unique innovations in curricula continuouslychallenge yet sustain its students (and faculty) to graduate testedstudents, regardless of chosen field, notably confident in theircapacity to engage and succeed in the world in a manner advancedand distinct among peers.LeadershipLaura R. Walker took office as the 11th president of BenningtonCollege on August 1, 2020. Prior to this appointment, she was thePresident and CEO of New York Public Radio (NYPR), a position thatshe held for 23 years.Ms. Walker is a visionary, mission-oriented and strategic leaderwho spearheaded the transformation of NYPR from two city-ownedlocal stations to the nation’s largest independent non-profitpublic radio station group and a groundbreaking producer that servemore than 26 million people each month. Ms. Walker’s vision offearless journalism that represents the breadth of Americanexperiences helped establish the station’s role as one of theworld’s preeminent podcast producers. During her tenure, NYPR wasawarded ten George Foster Peabody awards and many other honors. Ms.Walker built a pioneering staff of innovative journalists andproducers at NYPR, including the MacArthur genius Jad Abumrad andhis colleagues at Radiolab, the investigative team that uncoveredstop-and-frisk abuses under the Bloomberg administration, the greatminds behind Freakonomics, and the artists-in-residence atWQXR.Behind NYPR’s superlative journalism was a sound and strategiclong-term financial model. With regular reexaminations of the medialandscape, NYPR was able to consistently adapt to shifting trendsand stay ahead of challenges on the horizon. Ms. Walker led threeseparate five-year plan processes at NYPR, translating goals intoexecutable tactics for program production, fundraising andpartnership-building. One measure of that success is theorganization’s extraordinary growth from two city-owned radiostations with an $8 million budget and 1 million monthly listenersto an independent nonprofit with a $100 million annual budget, 26million monthly listeners on 8 radio stations, 20 nationallydistributed programs, and a staff of 500.Ms. Walker began her professional career as a print journalist. Shelater moved to National Public Radio where she worked as aproducer. She has also served as Vice President of Development atSesame Workshop; and at Carnegie Hall, where she launched theaward-winning series, AT&T Presents Carnegie Hall Tonight.Following her time at NYPR, she was an Executive Fellow inResidence at the Yale School of Management and an advisor to mediastartups and nonprofits.Ms. Walker sits on the boards of The Commonwealth Fund, theEagle Picher Trust, Yale University’s Honorary Degree Committee andthe President’s Advisory Council of Wesleyan University.In 2009 and again in 2017, Ms. Walker was named by Crain’s asone of New York City’s 50 Most Powerful Women. She has been honoredwith an Edward R. Murrow Award from the Corporate for PublicBroadcasting and a Distinguished Alumna Award by WesleyanUniversity.. She was recognized in May 2020 with the honorableJacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award by the Municipal Arts Society forher notable contribution to the public media landscape.Ms. Walker holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and aBA in History, magna cum laude, from Wesleyan University, where shewas an Olin Scholar.Board of TrusteesTwenty-two active members of the Board, including a number oflongstanding and incredibly generous donors, are led by Nicholas A.Stephens, Chairman of the Bennington College Board of Trustees andVice Chairs Barbara U. Deane and James S. Simon. The Board iscommitted to strengthening the College’s unique position in thehigher education landscape and is highly engaged with supportingBennington.History And VisionIn the early 1920s, Bennington College emerged as an idea shared bya group of forward-thinking educators and civic leaders whobelieved that America needed a progressive new college to forge anew direction in higher education. In 1932, with charter and landsecured, the College welcomed its first class of 87 women and thisidea was given life. The College went co-ed in 1969 and is stillflourishing eighty-eight years since its founding.It didn’t take long for Bennington to distinguish itself as avanguard institution among American colleges and universities.Dancers flocked to the College in the 1930s and ’40s to chart thecourse of modern dance. In the 1940s and ’50s, as Bennington wasthe first college to include the visual and performing arts as anequal partner in the liberal arts curriculum, painters andsculptors gathered on its campus to redefine the visual arts canon.Always a fertile ground for writers, the 1980s and ’90s saw aninflux of young talent eager to push the boundaries of contemporaryliterature. Today, Bennington is still a hub for artists, writers,scientists, scholars—innovators in every field—who want to applytheir individual talents to addressing global issues of urgentconcern.Bennington has, in its persistent reinvention of liberaleducation, remained true to its founding virtues. It has gainedstability not from motionlessness but from constant motion, notfrom states of rest but from unrelenting restlessness. Yet theunderlying purpose of Bennington has been clear from the start: toplace students at the helm of their own education; to guide them inthe direction of their greatest potential; and to enlarge, deepen,and transform their lives.Academic ProgramBennington College distinguished itself early as a vanguardinstitution within American higher education. Bennington graduatesare notably confident in their capacity to engage and succeed inthe world because, at Bennington, learning and making—on campus andin the field—are inseparable.Three structures make this possible and set a Bennington educationapart:First, graduate-style academic advising allows students to mapa territory for study and practice that goes beyond the bounds of atraditional major and serves them at Bennington and aftergraduation, a process known as The Plan. Students work closely withan advisory committee of three faculty to guide their progress overfour years and to ensure that their Plan is challenging,academically sound, and significant. By building, articulating, andadvocating for the substance of their education, Benningtonstudents hone their ability to thrive in a world without givens, totolerate ambiguity, and to see clear to a solution even when a pathis not laid out before them.Second, Bennington is the only college in the country torequire an annual internship since its founding. For six weeks eachyear, students work with an organization or institution of theirchoosing, anywhere in the world, to apply what they have learned oncampus and to focus what they study and make at Bennington. In thisway, students join the field that interests them without waitingfor graduation.Third, Bennington is a highly engaged community of activemakers and practitioners, regardless of their field. The facultyand administration are mentors and peers ready to engage withstudents’ work in addition to being subject matterexperts. Bennington has 61 full-time and 63 part-time faculty, includingthe MFA in Writing program’s 20 core faculty. Bennington’steacher-practitioner model is an essential component of theCollege’s mission: scientists, scholars, writers, and artists,active in their fields, develop and share their work with studentsin the classroom. From lab assistance in faculty research toperformance projects as a prelude to professional productions,students encounter faculty members’ professional activities inmultiple ways.Bennington students are expected to study broadly, exploring arange of questions and modes of inquiry and progressing to advancedwork in at least one area of study. Faculty, conversely, engagestudents in their own work, but within the context of awide-ranging liberal arts education. Academic advising,interdisciplinary initiatives, and long-range curricular planning,among other activities, constitute each faculty member’sparticipation in the development of College-wide goals andpolicies. Faculty discipline groups assume many essentialadministrative functions, including oversight of guest speakerseries, production and capital expense budgets, faculty searches,curricular development, and review of graduate applicants, whereappropriate.The student body consists of nearly 700 undergraduate studentsand 102 graduate students, the majority of whom are enrolled inlow-residency MFA programs. Bennington is involved in a campus-wideeffort to improve retention and graduation rates, giving particularattention to advising and academic programs.Campus & CommunityBennington College sits on 440 magnificent acres of land, of which300 are wooded. In 2011, Architectural Digest named it one ofAmerica’s Top 10 Campuses with Best Architecture. After anincredible investment in new buildings, the College’s focus now isin reimagining our historic buildings for today’s students, as wellas tomorrow’s.Communitylife at Bennington, like academic life, aims high. A Benningtoneducation extends from the classroom into the library, dininghalls, recreational spaces, campus organizations, and Vermontoutdoors. Bennington students devote themselves to a number ofcommunity outreach efforts, often tied to the things they arepursuing in their coursework. The Center for the Advancement ofPublic Action provides opportunities for students to engage inthe Bennington community through service, local leadership, andglobal education.Many students take an active role in campus governance,contributing to and helping foster discussions of academic policy,community living, and other aspects of life at Bennington. Throughcommittee work and ongoing conversation, they join with facultymembers and administrators to create a culture informed bytolerance and respect for individual differences, self-discipline,and a commitment to the common good. Students enjoy a variety offitness and recreational activities on and off campus. BenningtonCollege’s fitness center, the Meyer Recreation Barn, has fitnessequipment, a climbing wall, sauna, and aerobics room, wherestudents and faculty lead classes in yoga, tai chi, and otheractivities. Outdoor facilities include three tennis courts, abasketball court, and a soccer field.CrossettLibrary and Jennings Music Library support the creative andcollaborative educational tradition of Bennington College byproviding outstanding library services that support the academicendeavors of the community. The six guiding actions of the libraryare: teaching the knowledge needed to create intentional inquiries;promoting opportunities to experience the joy of serendipitousdiscovery; building collections and services in collaboration withthe community; creating environments for solitary contemplation andgregarious collaboration; facilitating the appreciation andcelebration of books; and engaging technologies that enhanceservices and the collection.The foundation of the library philosophy is to provide highlypersonalized service focused on the individual needs of faculty andstudents. The library offers a variety of instructional services,including individual consultations with librarians, libraryinstruction sessions for a class, librarian visits to classes,library tours, online research guides, and more. The CrossettLibrary and Jennings Music Library collections includeapproximately 290,000 print and electronic books and 50databases.Bennington, VermontBennington is a beautiful Vermont town of 15,000+ people situatedat the foot of the Green Mountains.Williams College is only a shortdrive from Bennington. Bennington is within an hour of some of thebest hiking and skiing in the Northeast. Access to the Long Trail,Vermont’s oldest long-distance hiking trail, is a short walk fromcampus. There is trout fishing on nearby Walloomsac River andcamping and swimming on Lake Paran. Bennington is an hour from theAlbany International Airport and Amtrak station, twenty-fiveminutes from Williamstown and North Adams, home to the Sterling andFrancine Clark Art Institute, the Williamstown Theatre Festival andMASS MoCA. The cultural resources of the Berkshires, includingJacob’s Pillow dance, Tanglewood, and Shakespeare and Company arejust over an hour away. Bennington is a three hour drive from bothNew York City and Boston.Diversity, Equity & InclusionBennington serves a diverse student population – inclusive ofethnic/racial minorities, international and global constituents,sexual minorities, and various social classes, among otheridentities. Our staff and faculty also reflect diverse backgroundsand identities. All employees are expected to be respectful andresponsive to these differences in the service of buildingcommunity that promotes student and employee success. Eachindividual (faculty, staff and students) will be accountable forupholding these values. The College’s approach to pluralism andinclusivity—both as fields of inquiry and practice—is to prioritizeflexible thought, and to invite the examination of access, value,and power through its institutional policies and areas of study. Weencourage applicants from diverse realms of interest, backgrounds,experience, and accomplishment to apply.Bennington has come together in recent months to begin the workof creating forms of teaching and learning that model what a trulyequitable, diverse, and inclusive institution of higher educationcan be. President Walker has established a President’s WorkingGroup to create an anti racist community with staff, students,alumni and board members. The important work of this task forcewill be to create a strategic plan for the future as Benningtoncontinues to inspire more voices, more experiences, and more pointsof view. We are investing in diversifying the faculty, staff andstudent body to include the fullest possible range of experiencesin this community.About Advancement, Marketing and Communications atBenningtonBennington has a long tradition of philanthropic support stretchingback to its founding families: the Booths, McCulloughs, andKilpatricks. The College’s alumni have perpetuated this traditionand have been joined by parents and friends to advance Bennington’smission and reputation. The successful candidate will be joiningefforts with the President and Advancement team to complete a $150million comprehensive campaign that is currently underway. TheWorld Needs More Bennington campaign seeks to significantly expandthe College’s endowment to $100 million (the endowment was $20million at the start of the campaign and now stands at $40 million)and raise another $70 million for people, program, and campusinvestments. To date, $111 million has been given to the campaignsince the silent phase was launched in FY16. Endowment growth is acrucial part of Bennington’s long-term fiscal health and thecampaign has garnered $37 million in irrevocable bequestintentions, pledges, and outright gifts to the endowment.Considering currently unfulfilled commitments, the campaign willbring the value in the endowment to approximately $60 million.Communications at Bennington is an essential role and isthoughtfully woven into the fabric of each and every constituency.To date, it has been largely focused on internal communicationswork for the campus community. With the arrival of a new president,the College will leverage this opportunity to create a strong,shared brand strategy, with a refresh of its design and messagingthat will tell the stories of Bennington. This storytelling willboth reflect and catapult Bennington into the future as a leadingliberal arts college, as a prime player in developing the future ofhigher education, and as an intellectual and creative leader in theUS and beyond.Key ResponsibilitiesAt this pivotal moment, Bennington College seeks an innovative,entrepreneurial, and proven leader to spearhead fundraising andengagement efforts to position Bennington for its second century asa trailblazer in higher education. A critical member of seniorleadership of the college, the Senior Vice President will driverevenue and ensure philanthropic success through the creation of amulti-year fundraising and engagement strategy, and through theprioritization, qualification, cultivation, and solicitation ofprospective donors with an affinity for the mission and programs ofBennington College. In these efforts, the Senior Vice Presidentwill work collaboratively and transparently with the President,Board, senior leadership, faculty, staff, students and alumni. Theywill put in place the systems, teams, and structures foradvancement planning and decision making at all levels, leading anongoing institution-wide conversation about vision, strategy, andgoals for institutional advancement, branding, and communicationsand refining and articulating a unifying case for support.As part of this work, the Senior Vice President will oversee theexecution of an ambitious and comprehensive marketingcommunications plan that supports the strategic positioning of theCollege to a wide variety of internal and external audiences,across a range of media formats. The Senior Vice President mustapproach this work with a consistent and clear focus on theimportance of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of theCollege’s communications. The SVP will be a critical thoughtpartner to the President — a visionary who can collaborate with arange of stakeholders — to develop a communications and marketingplan that advances the College’s national profile, strengthens theintersection of work between communications and the educationalframework of the College and conveys Bennington’s story in a waythat broadens the College’s reach to a more diverse audience.The SVP will be responsible for crafting a robust strategic planto articulate the College’s strengths and ambitions in venues bothfamiliar and new. The SVP oversees all facets of communicationsincluding marketing/branding, public relations, social media,print, design and assessment — keenly focusing on tools that willmeasure the effectiveness of various communications in meeting theCollege’s strategic goals. The Senior Vice President is expected tobe equally nimble navigating long-range planning as well as crisiscommunications. The Senior Vice President will oversee two highlyengaged teams: Institutional Advancement (team of 18) andCommunications (team of 9).The Senior Vice President will also lead the creation of avibrant brand strategy that will tell the stories of the college’sdiverse community, attract prospective students, connectingindividuals not only to Bennington’s history but also to itsambitious future. They will develop compelling and consistentmarketing and communications to all Bennington College audiencesthrough a compelling brand strategy, the redesign of the websiteand materials. They will create the strategy and managetraditional, digital, and social media channels; public relationsand media; design and creative efforts; market analytics; multipletechnology platforms; and staff as well as external agencies andpartners.The SVP will be responsible for developing and implementingstrategies that enhance awareness of the diversity, excellence, andimpact of the College and for executing a plan that increases brandrecognition and elevates the reputation of Bennington.Leadership and VisionThe Senior Vice President serves in a highly visible leadershiprole with overall responsibility for a comprehensive and integratedfundraising and alumni engagement program, brand strategy andmarketing and communications. Working closely with a dynamic newpresident and a highly engaged board, the SVP will be a member ofBennington’s senior management team. They will set the tone forhigh achievement, moving the advancement and communications teamtoward achieving audacious goals that align with Bennington’s ethosof innovation and renewal. The SVP will be a creative, ambitious,and dynamic leader with the ability to attract and animate a strongteam. They will embrace technological and analytical solutions witha keen sense of what is possible and an uncommon level ofexcellence in communication and collaboration skills, together witha demonstrated propensity for weaving advancement intoinstitutional values and aspirations.Management, Strategy, and PlanningThe Senior Vice President will inspire staff through effectivemotivation, mentoring, and team building. They will embracediversity and possess the management acumen to leverage teammembers’ existing capacity while strengthening performance to drivegoal-oriented outcomes.They will instill a heightened level of engagement forprospects, donors, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders withinthe Bennington community, preparing for the next phase of theCollege’s fundraising and alumni engagement expansion.The SVP will have deep experience developing and executing longterm strategic plans as part of the senior leadership team ofnonprofit or educational institutions and the ability to take aninstitution-wide perspective as well as develop achievable plansfor IA, Communications and Marketing and other departments. The SVPwill be a partner to the President in strategic choices. They mustbe analytical, visionary and collaborative, goal oriented and eagerto set and accomplish measures of accountability.Key QualificationsThe successful candidate will be a strategic, creative leader whois visionary about Bennington’s fundraising potential and who canhelp develop and support the President’s entrepreneurialinitiatives to maximize results. The SVP will have a proven trackrecord in building, managing, and mentoring a highly effective,diverse team, as well as demonstrated success with major giftfundraising including seven figure gifts. Experience creating newrevenue streams that leverage Intellectual property and creativeendeavors. They will possess outstanding interpersonalcompetencies, the ability to effectively engage volunteerleadership, and a deep commitment to instilling practices and aculture within advancement that advance an antiracist organizationand reflect Bennington’s values. Individuals with experience in allnon profit sectors and organization types are encouraged toapply.Leadership Competencies and Personal TraitsSelf-starter with a sense of urgency and a clear set ofpriorities who uses an innovative approach to building and guidinga program in a resource-constrained environment.Orientation as a team player and leader with strong managementskills.A metrics-driven, entrepreneurial mindset that informs strategyand work.A partner in our growth towards becoming an anti-racistorganization and an advocate for diversity.Collaborative, and creative with the vision, drive, anddetermination to position Bennington’s communications strategy asone of the best in the country.The ability to succeed in a distinct and dynamic culture.A bachelor’s degree (master’s degree a plus).15+ years of fundraising experience (including principal andmajor gifts solicitation) and proven success in a comprehensivecampaign; experience with communications, brand building and Boardrelations.Very strong verbal and written communication skills,acompelling and creative storyteller.Organizational and analytical skills, and project managementskills.Experience with Board volunteer management and the ability tomaintain a high level of diplomacy.Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.Openness to travel on behalf of the College for donor visits oras the College’s representative.Ability to adapt in a dynamic institutional setting and thepolitical savvy to navigate a complex and highly participatoryacademic community with a shared governance model.Flexibility and a sense of humor.Proficiency in Raiser’s Edge, Microsoft Office, andGmail/Google Docs.Confident and adaptable. The ideal candidate is comfortablewith complexity, able to embrace working in an environment ofambiguity, and is at ease shifting between immediate needs andlonger-term strategic goals.Please apply with a letter of interest and resume inconfidence. To learn more about Bennington, visit us at read more

Rocky Mountain IV Medics Offers Relief for More Than Just Hangovers

first_imgWhile I didn’t feel anything right off the bat, I did sleep much better that night and the next day I did feel more energized, alert and peppy. My energy levels have continued to stay up and my body just feels better. Interested in experiencing the benefits of IV therapy firsthand, I took Richardson up on an offer for a complimentary session. “When an episode starts, there is no at-home relief,” Williams said. ” I figured that since it is 2020, there must be something out there. When your child is sick you will do anything.” ©2020 the Greeley Tribune (Greeley, Colo.) The Silver packages features 1,000 ccs of normal saline, vitamin B complex and one addition of your choice for $125 per session. This package it typically recommended for people suffering from headaches, the cold or flu, and need some added hydration and a boost. Rocky Mountain IV Medics client Brenda Williams was looking for something to help her daughter who suffers from Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, a condition often seen in children and young adults where they have unknown causes of recurring bouts of vomiting. With the pandemic spreading across the U.S., the company has seen an increase in calls from clients needing therapy to help overcome the virus or from clients, like pregnant women, needing a boost of hydration or relief from nausea, but not wanting to risk going to the hospital. A small poke and short sting later my IV was set and the bright green solution began dripping into the tube that flowed down to my arm. Greeley Tribune, Colo. However, Rocky Mountain IV Medics is using the procedure to help people with a variety of ailments including fatigue, anxiety, altitude sickness and much more. “It’s super safe. It is an invasive procedure, so some people still get worried about that, but everything is sterile and safe,” Weber said. “As a paramedic/firefighter, I have done IVs on the side of the road, upside down in a car, in the back of a helicopter, in the back of an ambulance, things like that where it’s super crazy. When I go to a client’s house, this is fun. I can take my time and it’s controlled and clean.” Clients can choose from several different IV therapy “cocktails” and add-ons. Mobile IV therapy is commonly associated with relieving hangovers after a long night of raucous libation-focused partying. Richardson was so impressed with the results from his treatment that he and Weber discussed expanding the business concept into Colorado. “Michael showed up and educated me on everything they offered. He was amazing. I chose the silver package that was loaded with all the goods that I needed,” she said. “I have only used the service once so far but am considering using it for a general boost once a month. They offer so much for so many different ailments and preventative care. “My wife and I were just deathly ill and said that we finally had an excuse to call Jonny and his new IV therapy company,” Richardson explained. “So he comes out and literally by the end of the IV we were perfect. It was like “˜oh my God, this is the future.’” For people just looking for added hydration with a small boost of vitamin B complex at a minimal price, the Bronze package is perfect. For $110 clients can get the benefits of hydration and energy. This package is great for people preparing for an athletic event. Williams came across an ad for Rocky Mountain IV Medics while scrolling Facebook when her daughter was in the hospital. Clients can also choose plain saline for $100 or the NAD+ IV therapy that has anti-aging and addiction properties for $200. Add-ons range in price from $25 up to $50 and include options of extra saline, vitamin C, Zofran, Zinc or an MIC B12 injection. For more information on services offered, or to schedule an IV therapy session with Rocky Mountain IV Medics, go to “I have recommended this service to everyone I know and look forward to my next visit,” she added. The entire process from start to finish took around 45-minutes. The Myers’ Cocktail features six high-impact vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including vitamin B complex, zinc and glutathione. This IV solution can be used to help recover from various things like the flu or an athletic injury and aides in skin health and weight loss regimens. The cost for this therapy is $175 per session.center_img The Ultimate Myers’ Cocktail includes everything in the regular Myers’ Cocktail but has an increased dose of vitamin C and glutathione. This option is great for people interested in boosting their vitamin C intake and raising their overall energy level. The cost for the Ultimate Myers’ Cocktail is $275 a session. The Gold package, which runs for $150 a session, offers clients 1,000 ccs of normal saline, vitamin B complex and two additions of their choice – vitamin or medicine. This package is great for curing nausea and food poisoning. Working full time, taking three classes at Aims and caring for my dog, Don Luigi,I tend to burn the candle at both ends and am often tired and sluggish. Add that to not exercising regularly, going through an early medically induce menopause and not having the healthiest diet, I was a good candidate to put the treatment to the test. “The majority of our calls are from people that really need the IVs like people going through chemo and cancer or going through migraines. You don’t have to go to the ER for migraines anymore, we come to you,” Weber said. “We can take care of that migraine without any narcotics.” Visit the Greeley Tribune (Greeley, Colo.) at “We do this in a controlled environment, we are one-on-one and everything we use is single-use, single package directly from our pharmacy,” Richardson said. “It just makes it so that it’s another opportunity to be treated on a medical level without ever having to get out of bed.” Opening in the Denver area in October 2019, the company has quickly grown to offering services in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland areas. ––– For me, I do think that the burst of vitamins and minerals has helped me for sure. While the cost can be a little high, I feel that the benefits are worth the cost. IV therapy is something I would seriously consider doing once a quarter. After filling out some short paperwork, I was ready for my stick. This is where most people get nervous, especially if they’ve had a bad experience with blood draws and needle sticks before. But being a paramedic, Salomon is used to having to set IV’s in all kinds of veins – including the forehead– and in all kinds of situations and assured me that my veins weren’t a challenge. Williams contacted the company for a service, wanting to tryout IV therapy on herself first before considering it for her daughter. (TNS) The first thing the IV tech Juan Salomon did was talk to me about my health history, any medications I take and if I have any allergies. He then took my vitals, listened to my heart and lungs, and prepped the solution. And while 10% of the company’s calls are for hangover relief, the therapy can help with a variety of issues such as dehydration, constipation, pain management and migraines. With a background as a paramedic/firefighter, Weber heads the medical portion of the business while Richardson is in charge of marketing and business development. Richardson first learned about the benefits of IV therapy after becoming a client of Weber’s Mobile IV Nurses business, which operates in Arizona. Each IV tech on the team is either a nurse or paramedic, with years of experience under their belts, Richardson explained. The staffs’ extensive experience also allows them to recognize more serious situations where clients may need to go to the hospital. The company doesn’t accept insurance but clients can pay with a debit or credit card, Health Savings Account card, cash, or through Venmo, Paypal or or Zelle. So do I think that IV therapy is beneficial? Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.last_img read more

Solicitor ready to defy SRA over ‘illegal gimmick’ badge

first_imgA solicitor specialising in technology says he will defy the rule requiring him to display the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s new digital badge on his firm’s website – on the ground that it contravenes data protection law.George Gardiner, of commercial and technology firm Gardiner & Co, described the badge, which becomes mandatory for SRA-regulated firms next month, as ‘an illegal gimmick’. He told the Gazette that his concerns stem from a lack of clarity about how the provider of the badge technology and the underlying technology will handle data generated when individuals click on the badge to check a firm’s bona fides. Gardiner: data protection concerns The ‘clickable logo’ contains embedded software which confirms that a practising certificate is valid and clicks through to an SRA-hosted page which confirms that the firm is regulated and outlines what protections this regulated status provides. Its display will be mandatory from 25 November.Gardiner said that, as the data controller responsible for his firm’s website, he has to ensure that all processing of personal data is lawful. However he said that the system’s design involves the processing of data by technology supplier Yoshki, and does not ask users to give their consent. Yoshki’s system is based in turn on technology developed by Google ‘which is in the business of harvesting personal data’, he said. In theory it has the capability to track a visitor to a law firm’s website and target them with promotions on social media.’I have been in discussions with the SRA for some nine months and have got nowhere,’ Gardiner said.  An SRA spokesperson said: ‘We – and our development partner Yoshki – only have access to the data which is necessary to implement the clickable logo service.’So that we can address any improper use of the logo, and understand which firms have adopted the service, we can see which websites have implemented the logo. We can also see how many times the logo has been clicked – this is to help manage system performance and to gain insight into usage.’We do not have access, record or store any additional data such as IP addresses or page navigation behaviour. We do not collect data that would identify an individual.’If we find a firm is not making any effort to comply with our transparency rules after they become mandatory on 25 November, then we will need to consider enforcement action.’Gardiner was not persuaded: ‘If they don’t understand the technology they shouldn’t install it.’last_img read more

Kelly’s Mountain Top to welcome Circle K with grand opening party

first_imgKelly’s Mountain Top is hosting a day of celebrations on Friday 5th October for the official opening of the Circle K forecourt.The popular service station has undergone a stylish new rebrand to join the global Circle K network. The network brings many benefits to customers include the cutting-edge miles fuel that takes you miles further.The Circle K grand opening will be held at Kelly’s from 12noon to 6pm on Friday 5th October. There are many fun activities in store for customers on the day, including food tastings, face painting and goodies for the kids and free Circle K accessory gifts for the adults.Don’t miss the Circle K special Spinning Wheel competition where players can win up to €1,000 worth in prizes!There will be family fun activities for all ages to enjoy and many more prizes to be won from Circle K staff at Kelly’s, including a luxury Centra Inspired range hamper to the value of €150. The most popular draw of Circle K has been the new and improved quality fuel, Miles.Miles reduces the cost of fuel by up to 3% and saves you up to 4c per litre. The fuel contains unique additives to help clean the engine, so your car will thank you too!Miles fuels benefits:Improve fuel consumption – takes you up to 3% furtherClean and protect your engineEnhance engine efficiency and improve reliabilityReduce harmful exhaust emissionsThe Kelly’s Centra store is staying the same to offer the same great service, value and variety that their customers love.Kelly’s Centra has won the National Centra Convenience Store of the year and has been in the final every year for the past 7 years.They recently set about increasing the space at the front of store making it much easier to shop and added extra space to fresh fruit n veg, fresh homemade takeaway meals not to mention a whole new section given over to fresh world breads, from Polish to Romanian to Italian style bread all delivered fresh instore daily. Kellys has seen a lot of requests over the last 6 months or so from consumers to improve the range for vegetarians and vegans, with this in mind they’ve really increased the range to accommodate these requests.On top of this they added a new self service hot food unit with a range of tasty products including cooked chickens, chicken strips, bbq ribs and BBQ chicken wings to name just a few.The Centra BEAT THE QUEUE app is another way to help the time strapped customer. This is an app for ordering your lunch in advance via your phone or from your computer and than simply collect at store. Get the app here: Centra ‘Beat the Queue’Come and see it all for yourself at the Circle K Grand Opening next Friday, which promises to be packed with fantastic offers, fun giveaways and exciting entertainment. For all the details check out Kelly’s Centra of Mountain Top’s Facebook page at PostKelly’s Mountain Top to welcome Circle K with grand opening party was last modified: October 4th, 2018 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:circle kgrand openingkelly’s mountain toplast_img read more

Blind Shopper Blames Inaccessible Self-Checkout for Shoplifting; Is Found Guilty Anyway

first_imgA legally blind man was found guilty of shoplifting from a Walmart in North Conway, New Hampshire. His lawyer argued the theft was accidental and happened because the self-checkout kiosks at the store are unfriendly to visually disabled persons.Three blind Maryland residents and the National Federation of the Blind sued Walmart last year over the kiosks, alleging they are not entirely accessible to blind customers.Andrew Airey, 39, was accused of bagging items without scanning them on five occasions between May 4, 2018 and July 3, 2018, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported. He was arrested at the store during the July 3 trip.- Sponsor – During Airey’s trial, a loss-prevention officer for the store testified that Airey walked out of the Walmart that day with 37 items valued at nearly $148 that he hadn’t paid for… Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Kick it Out: Education is key

first_imgPremier League Education not punishment key in anti-discrimination fight – Kick it Out Peter Staunton Click here to see more stories from this author Chief Correspondent 20:17 10/4/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(1) Alvaro Morata Chelsea Stoke City Premier League Crystal Palace v Chelsea Liverpool v Manchester United Manchester United Chelsea Morata Romelu Lukaku Premier League has been in the spotlight due to illicit chanting in the early part of the season but it’s vital to inform fans of what causes offence Anti-discrimination organisation Kick it Out says educating rather than punishing fans should be top priority after a start to the Premier League season marred by illicit chants.Controversy has raged over a Manchester United chant which involved a racist stereotype around Romelu Lukaku while Chelsea fans came under fire for a chant towards Alvaro Morata deemed anti-Semitic.Furthermore, a Leicester City fan was fined for homophobic abuse following a game against Brighton & Hove Albion in August. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. Kick it Out has previously condemned the behaviour of the offending fans but wants to provide more education and information in order to better explain why these chants are unacceptable.“Education sits central to everything we do,” CEO Roisin Wood told Goal at the Leaders in Sport summit at Stamford Bridge.“We have no interest in banning fans unless it’s proportionate to what they’ve done. What we’re interested in saying to some fans is that it’s not what the player wants and not what the club wants.“Some fans have actually come through to us and said ‘we do find that offensive, we don’t want to hear that’.“That’s what’s important, to educate fans. We’re not there to punish you. You’re supporting your player, your club, I get that, so talk to us about some of the things you could do to help.”Anti-discrimination efforts Europe-wide are under the spotlight this week with Lazio being forced to play their next two Serie A home fixtures in front of an empty Curva Nord following racist chanting towards two Sassuolo players last weekend, while UEFA has opened proceedings against Spartak Moscow after a Liverpool under-21 player suffered abuse in a UEFA Youth League match last week.And, despite the chanting in the Premier League, Wood believes British football remains at the forefront of the fight against discrimination across the continent.“I think we’re still leading the way,” she says. “We’ve come a long way in the last 25 years. Is there loads to do? Absolutely there is. But I still see some of the things coming through to us from Europe and I’m talking to people who have travelled abroad with some of the teams and they say you’re not going to hear here what you’re hearing there.“We’ve still got loads to do but I think we’re not very good at communicating what we do sometimes. We need to get better at that. The messages of diversity and inclusion, I just don’t think we tell the world that all the time.”The Leaders Sport Business Summit, taking place during Leaders Week at Chelsea FC, gathers 1800 director level executives from all over the world to share intelligence and spark discussions that will help shape the future of sport. For more information please visit: Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Clarksons China Sees Record Iron Ore Imports

first_imgzoom At the start of 2016 the outlook for Chinese iron ore import growth appeared challenging, however, the imports went on to significantly outperform expectations during the year and break the 1 billion tonne mark along the way, according to Clarkson Research.Chinese iron ore import growth performed at a level far higher than many had expected last year. In early 2016, expectations were shaped by both a 2% drop in the country’s steel output and a five year low in Chinese iron ore import growth in 2015, as well as plans for continued cuts to steel capacity.However, Chinese seaborne iron ore imports increased by 7% to a record 1,008 mt, largely stimulated by three key factors.The first key driver of record Chinese iron ore imports in 2016 was a stabilisation in the country’s steel output, following a 2% drop to 804 mt in 2015. The country’s steel output continued to decline in the first half of 2016, given limited domestic demand. While Chinese steel mills increased steel products shipments to foreign markets by 9% y-o-y in the first half of 2016, the 57 mt shipped in the period was insufficient to support overall Chinese steel output growth.Chinese steel products exports also dropped 14% y-o-y to 51 mt in the second half of 2016, following the introduction of tariffs by several importers, but also due to firming Chinese steel demand.A further driver of Chinese iron ore import growth in 2016 was the drop in the country’s domestic iron ore output. Financial pressure on Chinese miners from depressed iron ore prices throughout much of the year contributed to a 6% y-o-y decline in the country’s domestic iron ore output, to a six year low of 1.3 bn tonnes in full year 2016, Clarksons cited NBS data.Finally, Chinese iron ore stockpiling increased sharply in 2016, partly reflecting improved expectations for steel output at Chinese mills as the year progressed. By the start of January 2017, iron ore inventories at 41 Chinese ports reached 114 mt, up 19% from the start of 2016 and the highest level in over two years.“While the sustainability of this stronger growth may be questioned, in 2016 at least, China performed above expectations and overall was the bright spot for seaborne dry bulk trade once again,” Clarkson Research said.last_img read more

FortisTCI on five hour Chalk Sound black out

first_img Related Items:chalk sound, fortis tci, lineman, power FortisTCI reveals Education Week winners Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp TCI Police looking for candy & electricity thieves Recommended for you Rave Reviews for National Science Fair ideas Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 13 Apr 2015 – A five hour power outage yesterday was caused by an underground circuit fault according to FortisTCI. Around 2pm, the Chalk Sound area lost electricity and according to a Fortis report, the power was returned by around 7:30pm. The company explained lineman worked through the restoration and apologized for the inconvenience.last_img read more

Body Found At Scene of Ramona House Fire

first_img KUSI Newsroom February 17, 2019 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A body was found this morning near the scene of a Ramona house fire that left one resident allegedly missing. The body of an unidentified man was located around 8:45 a.m., about 50 yards from the home in the 20000 block of Black Canyon Road that went up in flames Saturday evening, San Diego Sheriff’s Lt. Kenneth Jones said.It’s believed the man died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Someone had reported hearing a possible gunshot when the blaze first broke out at 5:20 p.m. Saturday, Jones said. The fire had burned itself out as of 9 p.m., leaving unstable walls standing, which prevented a full search of the destroyed house, Cal Fire Capt.Issac Sanchez said.“The first arriving engine reported it was well-involved and a decision was made to go defensive,” Sanchez said. That means firefighters focused their efforts on protecting surrounding structures while letting the house fire burn itself out because it was not safe for firefighters to be inside or on top of the structure, he said.A woman and a child were displaced by the fire, Sanchez said, while a male resident wasn’t accounted for. Deputies couldn’t immediately say if the man who was found was the unaccounted-for resident. The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office took custody of the body and will determine the cause and manner of death, as well as the man’s identity, Jones said. Updated: 5:55 PM KUSI Newsroom, center_img Body Found At Scene of Ramona House Fire Posted: February 17, 2019 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more