Analysis on how to optimize the bitter picture station using new ideas

by way of the social media site

is now the template site is more and more fire, as long as you know how to use knowledge of software, can easily use a CMS system to build a website, but this website template is simple, but to the user and the search engine is a very bad experience. Especially for the picture stand, if using the template site, there are a lot of pictures was repeated, even if the website design, website layout and others repeat, as can be imagined your users will disgusted. So, make your website and others are different is an imperative approach. read more

Shanghai dragon Er please respect the original article let us move forward together

Shanghai dragon Er please respect the original: others must first respect others

Er: please respect the original share, writing their own personal views

every time I wrote an article published in the A5, I will find a lot of websites and forums are reproduced, but the author information is attached to his own. When you see this, I can only ask the chilling reproduced, you just get a chain, the development of the whole industry and hurt you. You have no respect for others, how can you get respect. (Yu Yifei Series) there are many ways of the chain, we have hard and just like a machine to copy and paste. When you have someone else identity, your friends, readers will have to share for you, this time you get not only a chain, there are many very. read more