The mobile search strategy based on the Pan Gu where

is the same as the search team, and almost immediately the situation is clearly Pangu, are not recognized by the market. The more miserable is, Pangu as a search product, its market attention and even the rate of one percentage point are not, it is really worth pondering Pangu team. In order to change this situation, Pangu once again made revision, launched a new interface panguso, form a search box plus mobile service entrance pattern, and the revision is behind, Pangu search optimization of core engine technology, of course, this action will launch more mobile search Pangu search for products and services, will be more focus on the mobile port. read more

The ten are not easy to exchange Links.


: the first snapshot is not normal. The snapshot is the best overall performance data of the inspection site. Best is the next day, within three days of the time of the snapshot. If more than 7 days, or even a snapshot is long before the station, then you better not exchange, we do not do too demanding to take a snapshot of 6.28 love Shanghai station K events, a lot of regular high weights of the site snapshot may appear abnormal situation. In another case, snapshot stop. Included normal. This station you watch his weight and flow. If it is great. You can continue to link. If that’s not essential. Right down. Lao Tzu today is eating the Kui ya. Was furious.. read more

Five properties of the layout of the brand

K in the home, fell in love with the sea all the words are not found, cause I tremble with fear for several days, but some loyal users can use other search engines to find my blog, or enter directly through the domain name, so that I can have your share of things sincerely thank you for approval. But it also tells me when the unexpected blog, or brand awareness or is a site for the development of the king, the search engine is just a tool, only this.

persistence. When traffic becomes large, to enhance the visibility of the brand, this is not a brand? May or may not. Because the user is the essence of profit, then your website is to provide all you need, it will be a lot of attention, but if your site is not the last, then finally leave the market is you. NOKIA’s situation is like this, although expensive for the former mobile phone giant, but NOKIA is still in shaping the brand, because of changes in the market, and also to follow. read more

Grassroots website how to stand head and shoulders above others

in the website color >


color is very magical things, sometimes the color can affect a person’s mood. In so many websites I have seen in the website are basically blue tone. Although blue easily accepted by the user, but the same blue easy for users to produce fatigue. At the time of this writing, I readily searched. On the first page of the search engine rankings, there are 6 sites of the shades are blue. Click on the second page, the website of blue is more, up to 8.

structure of the site to engage in special, focus on mainstream read more

How to do site optimization five website page design

Optimization of

4, Links control: in fact, here to talk about Links, Nanjing Shanghai dragon Iverson generally do not recommend new Links within 3 months, especially the portal site. If you do not Links words, Nanjing Shanghai dragon Iverson also suggest, a single page site, suggest related Links, portal column page can choose to do Links pan related. But in general, we must control our friendship chain.

1, website design: head head design includes the description of the title, keywords, and, according to the specific circumstances, if is the enterprise site (single page), Nanjing Shanghai Longfeng Iverson suggested only title; if it is portal site (similar to a website), column page recommends accurate Title keywords, description, and settings; of course if you are from the perspective of the reader to consider, enterprise stand or portal site or can only do accurate title, let search engine automatic capture, automatic display. read more

New Shanghai dragon three months experience summary

1. exchange Links best with considerable weight, similar to the


May be a small case The

5. if not friends, don’t change the number of links to

3. to see whether the interactive link of the site you link to noflow.


title was written according to the keywords, and not the more the better keyword (4-6 best). Also according to the key words to write, in order to avoid the spider think you are malicious accumulation keywords, you can put some key words not in the back, such as contact. read more

Graph search users can go far to say

Facebook founder Zuckerberg proposed to do a search, a lot of people have expressed great interest, because Zuckerberg said the future of search can be tailored to the temptation is very large. In January 15, 2013, the Facebook graph search search tools available, vector customized search first step.

first, graph search is to provide high quality information for users, with great needs of users. User activity on Facebook, the greater the amount of Facebook amount of data is greater, the user relationship is more abundant, the organization search results can be more accurate and full. Such as the above search "2010 high school reunion photos, only people took photos to share out the only photos at all, even the photos are not that cannot search, and upload more photos, more rich content. In addition, the more people share, contact between students more closely, the dissemination scope is wide. Moreover, additional information more every photo, such as name, background, theme, the more able to meet the search needs more content, and depth is better. And so on, users around these photos happen rich and colorful, the search results are more rich and colorful, this circle of search is more valuable. read more

Examples of interpretation what Title can really attract visitors

I think I mentioned the way many sites are still in use, but these two methods can not meet the purpose of what we do online promotion. How to combine our promotion to meet demand at the same time, visitors can make their own unique? That is the first to their site value positioning, positioning of each site is not the same, so naturally have the difference, also can attract your visitors to click on the target group. My idea is: 1~3 main keywords + brand word + the value of product positioning, the key word here is a greater demand for keywords visitors. read more

An analysis of the most important achievements every webmaster step

1: analysis of the speed of the site

a webmaster’s success is not absolutely accidental, may be accidental, but large part is to rely on their own out of step by step, the most important thing is to have the patience to do these things, Shanghai dragon is like this, to analyze some things every day, and today He Jian Hui Lin every day we have to tell you what your website in the data analysis, I hope novice webmaster seriously look at [

data analysis

3: the entrance of

website webmaster statistics, so every day to check the webmaster statistics, to see which pages respondents most, see which page out rate is highest, the page residence time and so on, so as to improve your site, think about all know, will retain old customers and attract new users. read more

An example illustration of how to promote the keywords ranking by the structure of the site

we can see the site list page is still maintain the style of the home page, the style is very suitable for the portal site, information area and form to sort out. This structure and the above on the front page effect mechanism is be quite different. This structure can not only make our visitors more in-depth access to our site, but also favorable >

: a reasonable structure can promote the site collection and our keyword density


increase keyword ranking every optimization are of their own experience, we can Links, through the construction of the chain and so on. But this method is some external factors. I think that is the best way to improve the well from their own keywords ranking. Which website structure plays a key role. The structure of a number of website can make our keyword ranking can be more effective. The author will analyze from three aspects why the institutions can promote the reasonable content of keywords ranking. read more