The same overseas space, there are many Chinese webmaster do the station

because English station, try to use credit card in GoDaddy bought a 150G space, then spent 500 yuan, spent more than half a year, feel everything is good, is also very stable.

recently due to make a station to station needs regular and garbage station in two space, get a province closed, just want to buy a 150G space, checked, because I had GoDaddy space, GoDaddy gives a discount code, can thirty percent off, after the discount is 380 yuan, I feel very cost-effective, ready to buy, when a netizen told me Taobao and some other ways of GoDaddy agents, from them cheaper to buy discount, had thought to try. read more

My network dream Miss standing day

the following figure is up to just a year and a half years from the site to earn money, the site has done more than ten years, but the time is not long, there is no one running. I’m just having fun building websites, and I don’t know what to do when the site is finished. Only the first domain name to most of the time, then CN m from 40 to 25, I finally bought one, tied to a friend gave me a open space, then the management has not now so strict, friends website operation is very good, I was learning PHP, he made a PHP of the altar, did not know how to promote, add some advertising in the QQ group. I remember one day at more than 80 IP, I am happy to me, oh. The idea is very simple, they could become the next Internet rookie network become the era of beach goers. It is needless to say, after a lot of work all through the night, I finally know the website not only can the technology. read more

Taobao, wake up! Beauty is your sorrow!!!

Taobao customers want to promote, beautiful, say a kind of website is a good place, but Taobao guest wake up, beautiful say is your sorrow!

heard yesterday that the beauty index had gone up by ten times, somewhat shocked, because the index of one word rarely rose ten times overnight, so it went on to study beauty.

opens beautiful says home page, it is the online shopping share picture of a few females, the feeling has nothing to do. Here is a Taobao because Taobao station, registered an account, want to advertise your station. read more

What sites can Analytics and Google not be suitable for

before this article, thank you again for your kind attention. I’m taking a vacation in October, and I won’t be able to answer any questions back then, but I’ve come up with a good idea, which I’ll let you know later on.

in addition, this blog also opened up a new interactive platform for friends, including my micro-blog:, CWA,, micro group: two QQ group CWA: 100273884 and 45161188.

before the start of this article, but also to Robin Li his classmates sorry, a problem made me aware of their deficiencies, this issue is about Google Analytics Exit Rate, my mistake lies in his understanding of the definition I had actually been wrong. I always thought that the Exit of a page Rate= on the page to leave the site after PV÷ the Visit page, but the page formula is Exit Rate= leave the site PV÷ total PV of the page. Why is the reason I think this definition is very clear, because for GA, very strict area measure and site level measurement of page level, visit is a measure of a site level, while the exit rate is the page level, so exit rate can only use page view to define. read more

Review the six months to do the station course, only insist two words

time flies, such as water, time flies, now Qiazhiyisuan, do stand for June time. Six months, said long not long, said short is not short, but the sweet and sour is worth pondering.

in June this year, the company is currently working to candidates, did not want to consider this company, but later in the weekend treatment, a national legal holiday temptation, or come to work, although at that time, a total of only two people are the boss. So, I faint, half bright not white embarked on the path of seo. read more

Third party blogs create 10 things to note

1, I’m more commonly used third party blog is Sina blog, and dispatch blog, Baidu space, because their friendship links and articles, content, anchor, text links do the chain is effective. NetEase blog and Sohu blog link is invalid, only articles, content, anchor, text links of the chain is valid.

2, blog name is best not to use keywords to do, change a screen name or brand name, so that it will appear more natural, too deliberately optimized, but not good.

3, Sina blog as an example, on the left side of the column with a personal picture below (* * * * * * company profile column can be text keywords) component, company profile in 200 words or less, appropriate to add some long tail keywords can be. read more

Clever use of the power of the masses to obtain traffic

QQ is a huge platform for traffic. And many webmaster also often put their web site affixed to the QQ signature. But only their own, there is a web site on QQ, the efficiency is relatively low. But if a large number of users will put your website affixed to the signature, the traffic is still considerable. The following describes how to let you put your website affixed to their QQ signature and space.

someone designed such a signature trojan. When the user clicks access. QQ signature will automatically become Trojan set address, QQ good will because of curiosity to visit such a website, and the signature of the same good some will also be modified, although some people paid little heed to the signature. But your friends are always concerned about it. A Trojan horse that reached a twenty pass 100 effect. Here do not agree to use Trojan horse to get traffic. After all, such an approach is immoral, but we can extend the idea of this event. Use regular channels to get everyone posted on our website. read more

Learning Paradise of network management

one, the line is blocked, unable to establish connection


1. connects the WAN port of the router with the ADSL Modem with the network cable, and the phone line connects to the "Line" port of the ADSL Modem. Connections between ADSL Modem and broadband routers should use straight lines.

2. checks whether the Link light signal in the router LAN shows whether the router is connected to the LAN or not. The LAN port of the router can either be connected directly to the computer or connected to the switch. read more

Acquisition function is a blessing or a curse

the author has not been exposed to domestic websites since the long journey. Even say there are several years without a domestic website. Until recently, the work relationship was transferred back to China, then began to go to some domestic websites, and began to come into contact with some domestic CMS. What makes me most surprised is that many domestic CMS have powerful ", collect " and function. This also explains the heart has been a big question: why is " each search of some of the material, there is always a lot of the same " based on curiosity, I applied for a free PHP+MySql space, and the installation of DedeCMS. Then do " capture " move. Soon, in a blink of an eye, a website has been completed. " " collection;, is a function of how convenient! Originally a website may need to spend days or even months to complete, as long as the use of " acquisition " this function can be completed in an instant. No doubt, " acquisition of " this function is really a good news for the webmaster. However, for the vast number of Internet users, " it " is a good news? I do not think so. " the acquisition of " indeed reduced the workload of the webmaster, but also really deprived of the rights of Internet users. As more and more convenient " acquisition of " function, the emergence of original articles is also relatively reduced. read more

April Fool’s Day – website and my birthday!

I’m just a junior high school student. I don’t have much to write to. Only for personal experience. Last night friends discussed the April Fool’s day together in April 1st. I think I’ve been really fooled. I got a call from my parents in the morning and said it was my birthday. Shocked, I and my website blind quotient online to the same day birthday, If you are willing to exchange links with me, please click directly, thank you first.

, let’s take a look at the origin of April Fools’ Day: read more