Star space how to quickly have seed users

we do operations are aware that we have a number of loyal early seed users, this is very important for us, but also very troublesome thing.

so what are the benefits of seed users for us,


1 can accumulate a number of their own fans, improve the amount of reading

2 Forwarding

these two points are very important to us. When we first started, there is no one to read our content, so we rely on these people to help us to read, to help us form forward, so that we can quickly grow new fans. This is the spread of the virus type, forwarding the more it means we will add more fans. We do star number forwarding is better than the number of forwarding a lot better, each forwarding volume is about 10%, so that the number of thousands of friends on a daily basis is no problem.

so where do our first seed users come from?

1 post bar

before the first three points I have passed, and now no longer speak. First of all, we need to spend a lot of time. We also need to pay attention to the details:

(1) generalized word

promotion of the word this is very important for us, if we do not work, then we may face two problems:

delete posts

delete posts this is very troublesome for us, this is also illegal to avoid. If we are pure text ads that will be deleted. So we have to combine graphics, it is best to really need to promote the image on the QQ P, even if we may also be deleted. Then there is a way, but also the most time-consuming way, that is their own comments.

can not reach the promotion effect

if our words are simple, then we can not achieve the desired results. No one wants to come with us.

(2) account cooperation

account cooperation for us this is based on the first point. We are relying on the account with the top of our paste up, to achieve the purpose of promotion. We can be asked and answered, such as how much we know certain star QQ, can tell me. So I can rely on the other trumpet with the number of QQ, so that a few numbers together, then we can quickly put the top of the post, so that we will also increase the number of people. We need to interact with each trumpet one or two times, so that some people believe it is true.

2 forum

3 news review

forums and news reviews are similar, and I’ve already talked about it before, and

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