The way of image promotion of enterprise website construction

according to the survey, in 2010, the online shopping China users has reached nearly two hundred million, enter 2011 awesome, enterprise website construction and the network marketing road became the majority of enterprises only, so how to make customers take the initiative to find our website and we deal with?

Shenzhen website that search engine optimization has become one of the factors that have to be taken into account in the construction of enterprise website. As everyone knows, the rank of the website promotion more and more difficult to achieve the ideal in a short period of stable ranking is more difficult, so in addition to strengthening the rank promotion efforts, what can we do?

The construction of the website of

Shenzhen considers that the network marketing strategy based on the construction of enterprise website can not do without the support of traditional marketing. We want people to take the initiative to find, in addition to ranking there is one very important point, that is the enterprise brand publicity, like Lenovo, Haier, Midea and so on these relatively well-known brand enterprise website, others after the completion of enterprise website construction don’t need a big fuss in the promotion, also do not need what ranking strategy. Because only with their own brand has been able to bring a lot of traffic and consulting for their corporate website, so the brand awareness is also as important.


for those less well-known enterprises is not how high can temporarily not enterprise website construction, the brand started again? Wrong, others have to move on, you still walk slowly, how can catch up with others the pace of construction sites in Shenzhen have a good idea?.

first, enterprise website construction is imperative


started than other peer companies are going to be late, it can not ignore our enterprise website construction, must try all means to win at the starting point, this is not only the goal of the enterprise, it is known brand website has been the purpose. Win at the starting point, enterprise website construction must make enterprises should have tolerance and strength of Xuan Chang, do the brand, do the best, otherwise do not do.

second, enterprise website construction late promotion 3

if you do not mind and effort to manage their website, do not intend to form a good network marketing team to serve enterprises, then find a comprehensive service network company responsible solely for you. Shenzhen website construction company of Chinese online can be for the majority of business customers of enterprise website construction and maintenance of enterprise website construction post promotion auxiliary work, if you trust network company, it don’t spoil your own web site, don’t let the spam filled them, let it stay clean, at least your customers when visiting your website can watch comfortably, so perhaps the old customers can make our enterprise between naturally or half unconsciously to some friends around the site which can bring us unexpected surprise.

third, the promotion strategy of enterprise website construction

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