Daily topics the first half loss of 384 million Su ningyun to get rid of PPTV.

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 2nd news in October 30th, Su ningyun announced that intends to 2 billion 588 million yuan price will be held by the PPTV  68.08% of the shares transferred to Suning culture, Zhang Jindong actual controller Suning corporate culture system.

disk PPTV Suning culture called "Suning cultural Cci Capital Ltd, registered capital of 3 billion yuan, the date of the establishment in September 17th of this year, has yet to carry out substantive business, the actual controller is Zhang Jindong. In each of the BAT are playing behind the cultural card, which is probably Suning for the layout of the company.


announcement also disclosed the results of PPTV, PPTV in October 2013 has Su ningyun strategic investment of $250 million. 2015 1-9 months, PPTV overall profit loss of 705 million yuan. PPTV so bad performance, has seriously affected the parent company’s earnings. Its impact on the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company reached -4.8 billion yuan.

in September 10th this year, Suning and Ali strategic mutual investment, the matter still need to obtain approval of the China Securities Regulatory commission. Since the Alibaba registered in the Cayman Islands, if the completion of the transaction, the Suning shares indirectly appear foreign shareholding situation. In order to avoid the impact of foreign investment industrial policy on the subsequent development of PPTV business may cause and limitations, the company intends to transfer PPTV equity." Suning so explained.

in the acquisition of PPTV over the past two years, Suning first created a video shopping and precision marketing and other concepts, the effect is not ideal. This is known as a video broadcast live video manufacturers of these electricity supplier concept is not a cold, and in a long time, the internal management of the turmoil also led to changes in the pace of its business difficult to coordinate.

It is reported that

PPTV, although the value of about 2000000000, but because of heavy losses in the first half has now become a hot potato. According to the statistics in June 30, 2015 as PPTV at the time of the liabilities of the total amount of 2 billion 60 million yuan, but the total assets of only 1 billion 400 million yuan, if out of total assets and 258 million accounts receivable, operating profit losses amounted to 3.9 million, has been clearly insolvent in the state.

Su ningyun the swap right hand movements, one hand indicates that the original investment failure, on the other hand also shows that the PPTV position is more awkward and critical, Su ningyun does not want to be dragged down by PPTV, from the business out of the way to exchange. Suning responsible person in an interface news said in an interview with reporters, in peel PPTV, Suning can concentrate resources to carry out price competition on debt is expected to increase 1 billion yuan net profit of listed companies. In any case, a good day PPTV "by Dakuan"

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