Cloud platform of the Three Kingdoms era BAT why keen on cloud enclosure

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the afternoon of September 9th, Tencent released a cloud strategy of opening up and announced a comprehensive open, so BAT cloud based open platform strategy has all public cloud platform which entered the era of the Three Kingdoms, a focus on developers, users, data and the ecological chain will also be competing for this exhibition opening.

A few years ago by

IBM, HP, Microsoft, HUAWEI, operators vigorously promote cloud computing, since the target customers in the industry, large enterprises and large institutional applications, while being questioned over the concept of excessive "spring snow", but also to some extent hindered the popularity of cloud applications.

cloud from once cloud mountain fog cover to the ground, power BAT open cloud platform can not be, they not only promote the Internet, especially the rapid development of mobile Internet, to help developers to quickly develop their own products, gather their users and establish their own channels, also form their own business model; make it easier for users to use cloud resources and cloud capabilities, have a more comprehensive understanding of the overall value of the cloud, clouds are therefore able to play.

BAT why do cloud platform

cloud + end computing model has been identified as the mainstream of its architecture, and the mobile Internet is the most complete embodiment of this ecosystem.

a few days ago, Lei Jun said the mobile Internet is just beginning, there is a certain sense, can be understood as the enclosure movement of the mobile Internet has just begun. The future of the mobile Internet there is still great uncertainty, the mobile Internet Ecosystem and business model is not clear, but the age of the Internet has proved that the foundation of ecological and business model is the user data, and developers in the mobile Internet era, who took control of the user data, and developers, who can also control the mobile internet.

BAT in the mobile Internet layout has been basically clear, Baidu through the mobile phone search, maps, and 91 light application outlines its own prototype of the mobile; Ali after shares in High German map, Sina, micro-blog and UC, will also own e-commerce ecosystem extends to the mobile terminal; and the Tencent by hand Q and WeChat will be social the advantage can continue in the mobile internet. But they also need to continue to explore new forms of mobile Internet products and new business models, expand new users, collect new data mining, which all need more developers.

open cloud platform is the best starting point to attract developers, open their own cloud capabilities for developers, including infrastructure, development tools, data, resources, channels and users to develop services for developers to provide help for the development, operation, promotion and Realization of developers. At the same time, developers of products and services to bring users, ecological and income can feed BAT open platform, so that the BAT can continue to increase user and data.

BAT through the open cloud platform coupled with more Internet developers to create a

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