nnovative workshop Tao Tan talk about entrepreneurship new products need to once a week


innovation factory chief operating officer and partner Tao Ning (Tencent technology photo)

Tencent Francisco April 7th news, today morning, Innovation workshop chief operating officer Tao Ning in 2012 Chinese Internet webmaster annual meeting said, in the process of starting a new product iteration speed must be fast, updated once a week, the slow speed, the chance is gone.

is not the purpose of entrepreneurship in order to find VC, entrepreneurs and investors are partnerships." Tao Ning said.

First of all,

mentioned in the entrepreneurial process, Tao Ning said that one of his regret is not to hire a financial manager. In her eyes, a good financial manager will help financial management, to help the provincial tax, the government received a variety of subsidies when the money must be higher than the wages of many times. Therefore, to get financial as the core staff, not as a logistics office staff.

secondly, Tao Ning recalled that he had brought a project team, the first and the most important requirement is fast. No matter do, the key is every week there must be an iterative, there must be an upgrade through such a speed exercise team running, exercise team really know their short board in what place, but also to quickly get used to the rhythm. So, we should strive to achieve perfection is the ultimate, but the shot on the hand do not hesitate too much, there is a need to implement the idea, no matter how good things fall on the product, have to push out.

Tao Ning also said that corporate culture is actually a very real thing, don’t think it is with no reality whatever. As innovation works, is to adhere to the speed, insist that the most useful products is good, adhere to the data to do the next step, so a few may insist, is the last killer, the last of the line.

2012 the annual meeting of the Chinese Internet webmaster was held at the Beijing International Conference Center today (). The theme of the meeting is to seek a win-win development of the community by boat to the Sea Cloud era, the issue includes the platform to start business, mobile new opportunities, win-win cloud era, etc..

in addition, Congress has placed on the Internet product demonstration and Internet marketing services two venue, and awarded the "Chinese most influential local community website", "the most influential Chinese vertical community website" series of awards.

The following is the speech of

in the 2012 general meeting of the Webmaster:

Tao Ning: Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to Kang Sheng, founded 05 years stationmaster Congress I knew was in the Google, I’m looking forward to being invited, standing webmaster General Assembly this stage, regardless of whether the General Assembly speech, or branch speaking is the supreme glory, especially we are in this circle. The moderator said to a woman, the standard is relatively low, in order to increase the diversity, I am also admitted that compared to the previous two speaker Li Zonglei family is big hit "

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