mportant to promote the construction site or website important

Internet every year a lot of new sites were born, in which e-commerce shop accounted for a small proportion of the share. A lot of companies and individuals choose to shop online, mainly fancy a huge target customers of the Internet, as well as fast and timely information delivery, low barriers to entry. Among them, the real money profitable site is not in the majority, only a small part. There are a lot of shop, was rejected in the wealth of the door. That’s why? What is the reason?

is a successful operation of the store? Whether the successful realization of profit? Whether to achieve steady growth in profits, the key is the two links: the construction of the shop, promote shop, marketing management. Seemingly very simple process, which contains too much knowledge and skills.

building shop

construction site, is the premise of the shop, but also the basic link shop. Anyone who understands web design can build an online store. However, the shop is not payable to business, hard to design, especially considering the purchase of user psychology and special needs, do not do, full of brightly coloured advertisement stand not to fly, more web traffic embedded trojan virus, so that only one result: let the shop. Shop design planning, the construction site is essential. Shop building, from the following aspects to plan: personalized design, personalized experience, online interactive communication, as well as the site’s search engine optimization, etc.. Good web design, you can bring us the marketing effect of 30%-70%.

promotion shop

is the middle part of the shop, shop, play a connecting role. Even if you have more money, you can’t spend on the internet. The network is a money making machine, but also burn machine. Shop online to do promotion, do not spread all over the sky advertising, according to their own products of a particular crowd, targeted precise delivery, and closely track the effect of the market, and constantly adjust the marketing strategy. Do not believe that any free promotion, one is a long time, the effect is very small, if the money, it is best to do a pay promotion, which can play a significant effect. Like the original 360 mall, Google search advertising vigorously promote, played a small marketing effect.

marketing management

marketing management is the ultimate goal of the store to continue to operate, to obtain profits. On the site of the current promotion, screening, selection of the best way to eliminate bad. Good marketing management, the site can promote the effectiveness of the team to play to the extreme, for the shop to create a good profit.

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