Jingdong executives frequent changes in the future of Jingdong full of variables

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December 28th, Jingdong and two CXO level executives, since 2012, Jingdong executives turnover seems to become the norm, the executives turnover volatility is high, this is a fact that Jingdong is changing in time, but also in the extreme unstable state. The Jingdong is full of unknowns in development will be 2013.

Jingdong centralization of executives led to survival difficulties

has a large number of reports, Liu Qiangdong’s personal heroism is very obvious, although once to create CXO program, through the organization of a group of occupation managers to create the Jingdong’s management team, but the results are not expected, plus Liu Qiangdong found a Jingdong operating losses, they began to take full control of their vice president, for CXO and all areas or directly intervene on their behalf to act right, so some poor CXO or vice president was eliminated, some strong ability to CXO or vice president Liu Qiangdong because of interference, the final choice to leave.

from this point on, the frequent turnover or Jingdong executives due to personal heroism, in fact, in the start-up period of the Jingdong, personal heroism is the decisive function to the development of Jingdong, but want listed, have a greater development, relying on the individual is difficult to achieve, which is why even Liu Qiangdong round the clock the influence of the Jingdong, an important reason is also very difficult to exceed Tmall.

Jingdong is facing the impact of Tmall, the listing of the dispute or component ridge

Jingdong after several years of development, has now entered the IPO channel, after Taobao, Tmall as domestic electricity supplier, the IPO road seems to be uneven, two consecutive years due to various reasons, the impact of market disruption, Jingdong has become the people’s heart, in 2013, the Jingdong will be launched on IPO the most severe impact because if you fail again, Ali through the integration of its resources the overall market will become a foregone conclusion, such funds from Taobao Tmall is rich enough, so the formation of HENGQIANG situation, since Tmall and Taobao want Jingdong competition will become hard.

for the Jingdong and Tmall battle in recent years is a common phenomenon in business, for the majority of consumers, seems to be more optimistic about the Jingdong, users from Beijing "love dream" told the author, in the Jingdong and Tmall shopping experience is completely different, from the service, the Jingdong to be significantly better than Tmall, but Jingdong commodity price is relatively expensive, it has become a very large Jingdong’s heart, this is very hard on the business management of the Jingdong, at the same time pumping caused by high degree.

but in any case, the overall quality of the goods is higher than the Jingdong Tmall, because many consumers reflect Tmall’s counterfeit goods very much, on the same day, news from the Internet also exposed Taobao Tmall merchants selling fake products news, but Taobao Tmall’s huge business groups, has become their own advantages.

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