Luxury Collection of electricity supplier data Benefit settled Tmall six months after the withdrawal

Sina Technology Tracy / text

settled at the end of last year, Alibaba’s B2C platform Tmall (Taobao mall) makeup brand Benefit Benefit, after six months of quietly withdraw from the mall Taobao. Benefit is a luxury group LVMH’s brand, Benefit relevant responsible person said, settled in Tmall LVMH is an attempt to the electricity supplier in China, although the feedback data is good, but no final conclusion whether long-term.

LVMH is the world’s top luxury group, business including Wine and spirits, fashion and leather products, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry brands, including Moet and Chandon, Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Dior, TAG Heuer, is one of the hardest hit piracy, had been with the Alibaba and tensions.

this situation has improved in December last year, LVMH’s Benefit brand settled a high-profile Taobao mall, this is the first collaboration between LVMH group and Taobao, also by the outside world as test signal LVMH Chinese electricity supplier.

but this cooperation is only a short period of six months, Sina Technology recently found Taobao mall flagship store has been closed Benefit, all products have been offline.

according to the relevant person in charge of Benefit, Taobao mall is an attempt to enter the attitude. "In the luxury goods group Taobao was once the blacklist, but from the beginning of last year, Tmall put right attitude, but also clean up fake smuggled goods. Inside the LVMH brand series, Benefit is the first line, so it is best to try the brand, we plan to try is half a year."

is in fact another luxury brand COACH also uses a similar strategy: with the COACH 70 anniversary activities, the opening of the first online shopping platform in Chinese, on-line COACH Tmall mall official flagship store, but the contract is for 1 months only. The intention behind this is to collect information on Chinese online shopping users.

"we think COACH month, it is difficult to feel all the electricity supplier information. Benefit settled Tmall has two purposes, the first is to understand the user’s shopping habits in China, the second is to explore what is the best mode of electricity supplier." Benefit relevant responsible person said.

and specific to the refinement of the problem is similar: in smuggled goods genuine fake have electrical environment electricity supplier is valuable, now is the best time, not to enter the official store China electricity supplier is whether consumers can accept the original sale etc..

although Benefit said it can not disclose the data obtained through the test of the water, but frankly 6 months of Taobao business is relatively successful, a lot of data than expected". The person in charge also revealed that at present all the data has been reported to the LVMH group, is still in the internal audit process, and there is no final conclusion whether it will continue, and this requires a certain

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