Culture Cow: Watch out snowflakes, here comes my most political column yet

first_imgMichelle Wolf at White House Correspondent DinnerCommentary by Devin McCue, Sumner Newscow — Let’s start this weekend at the point where pop-culture and politics meet.  The annual White House Correspondents Dinner is a yearly event where members of the media and the current occupant of the White House sit down and have a casual roast session.  The ceremony is supposed to show good faith between the two, however, the current President is all but friendly towards many in the media.At this year’s dinner, comedian Michelle Wolf gave a 19-minute rant that touched on everyone in the room.  She ranged from Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, to MSNBC, to Donald Trump himself.  By the end of her speech, nobody was left unscathed.  This is the mark of a truly great roast.  This event has historically seen some great jokes at the expense of the attendants, but very few have been able to so evenly spread around the jokes and independently address everyone in attendance with such sharp wit and stellar comedy.Michelle Wolf is an excellent comedian and struck a nerve with her fiery commentary.  No matter your political bent, her routine is a breath of fresh air in such a divided nation and shows that people on both sides of the aisle need a little roasting every now and again.  If you’re like me and can’t get enough of her hilarious stand-up, Wolf also has an excellent special on HBO titled Nice Lady, and has a new show premiering on Netflix next month called The Break. Here’s the full WHCD speech here, snowflakes need not laugh. Just a warning… It is adult humor. Staying with the political theme of the article, there’s another celebrity making political waves lately.  I’m speaking, of course, about embattled musical genius and celebrity crazy-person, Kanye West.  Kanye has never been a normal fixture in the media, from his public beef with Taylor Swift to his litany of psychotic rants at his concerts.  His fans, however (myself included), have always forgave his lunacy because he makes some of the best music of this generation.This week, he tweet a picture of a signed “Make America Great Again” hat and claimed that he and the President both have “dragon energy,” which sounds more like a knock-off Monster drink than anything meaningful.  He promptly lost 2 million Twitter followers and several text-messages from prominent African American singers and rappers pleading with him to take back his support for a man who has repeatedly disenfranchised members of the black community throughout his life.Kanye responded with to these concerns with a song titled Ye vs. the People (Starring TI as the People) where he and TI have a conversation about West’s decision to support Mr. Trump.  He also released a song titled Lift Yourself which stars a great beat, but then Kanye launches into a verbal spout of gibberish that ruins the track.  Kanye’s fans might have forgiven this latest spout of public idiocy, but if these songs are any indication of where’s he’s headed, Yeezus might soon find himself in the pile of has-been rappers.The most common critique I hear about Culture Cow is that people rarely listen to the rap album. I suggest because they either can’t understand the rapper or just aren’t fans of the genre.  These are understandable concerns, and it’s my sincere hope that my readers will the genre a chance, so I want to suggest Post Malone’s new album, Beerbongs and Bentleys as your introduction to the wonderful world of the rap game.Post Malone is an unconventional rapper, to put it mildly. He is from Grapevine, Texas with as much talent in singing as he does in spitting bars.  His albums are racked with extended vocal tracks where he doesn’t even rap on occasion.  He also chooses some unconventional instrumental tracks to rap over that often employ steel guitar and other country-music influences.Post is considered a “mumble rapper” by some standards, but don’t let that distract you from the young man’s incredible voice and obvious musical talent.  Whether you’re a diehard rap fiend, or you’re just dipping your toes in the water of a new genre, Beerbongs and Bentleys is a great album and deserves your attention; my favorite tracks are Spoil My Night, Zack and Codeine, Psycho, Better Now, Ball for Me, and Same Bit***s.Finish your weekend with some laughs with another of the great comedians of the times, John Mulaney.  His new special, Kid Gorgeous, shows off Mulaney’s great writing talent as he guides his crowd at Radio City, New York through a hilarious and well-choreographed special of his design.  If you’ve followed Mulaney through his career, from his first two stand-up specials, to his Broadway show (reviewed by Culture Cow), to his animated program (also reviewed by Culture Cow), you’ll recognize his brand of humor of taking the seemingly mundane story of his upbringing and transforming it into a side-splitting masterpiece.John also takes a sidestep out of his comfort zone and comments on the fierce political atmosphere we’re all living in today (recognize a theme in this article?).  Check out Kid Gorgeous after you’ve had your fill of Michelle Wolf this weekend if you’re still in need of some laughs.Meme of the week Close Forgot password? 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Thank you for your input. +30 Vote up Vote down Snow Plow · 118 weeks ago If Wolf was as vicious and hateful towards Obama or Hillary, you would call her an boring hack. Nice try turning the “snowflakes” label on Conservatives, but liberals have earned it. We haven’t. Report Reply 0 replies · active 118 weeks ago +28 Vote up Vote down Liberals stink · 118 weeks ago disappointed w this post. Michelle Wolf is an awful woman and sanders is a great individual who wolff couldn’t hold a candl too. Im tired of liberal crap. I no this wont be published because it is QBall son. But i’ll giv it the college try. Report Reply 2 replies · active 118 weeks ago +15 Vote up Vote down JT · 118 weeks ago Young man, I’m not sure if your old enough to vote, but if you not please keep your political opinion to yourself. If you are, grow up. Clearly by adding a “grievance” link that goes to a liberal propaganda website, you are not interested in the opinion of others. Just because he’s your son doesn’t mean we should have to hear him spout off. Report Reply 0 replies · active 118 weeks ago +21 Vote up Vote down Edward · 118 weeks ago Well this left wing column sure proves that America’s best days are long in her past. People like Devin McCue are driving our once great nation down the very same path that Rome went down. Moral decay and general lack of respect, you can’t pull yourself up by pulling your betters down. Very, very sad article. Report Reply 0 replies · active 118 weeks ago +19 Vote up Vote down YouCan’tBeSerious · 118 weeks ago I hate to spoil your arrogance, sport, but I see just as much abuse of the English language from liberals as I do from Conservatives … if not more. For example: The word you were looking for is LIARS … not “liers”. Thanks for proving my point in advance, however. You also might want to consider all the hate towards our President, the GOP, and anyone else in this administration that comes from your side of the aisle on a daily basis before you make another weak attempt to grab the moral high ground. Report Reply 0 replies · active 118 weeks ago +26 Vote up Vote down A Soldier · 118 weeks ago This lazy, left leaning, “comfort blanket for liberals” of an article is the real issue with our society today. Liberals scream “social justice”, and the right for free speech protected by our 1st Amendment, yet they condemn the 2nd Amendment of the same Constitution. This country as gone through hell and back to preserve our freedom, not just from tyranny, but to also become a respectful, courteous, and lawful nation. When did this behavior become socially acceptable? And when the hell did it become okay to condone it? Liberals say they want a “world of peace”, and to “stop the hate”. Hate is all I see in this twisted, ratings driven media, and the provocation to hate. So..why am I wasting my time typing this post? Ok, story time.. I was at a VA Hospital a few weeks back, waiting for my number to be called. An elder gentleman in a wheelchair, who was a WW2 veteran sat nearby as we watched the news, CNN I think. As he sat there shaking his head at this madness on TV, I felt so ashamed that we were failing his generation, and all they endured for our country. I leaned over and all I could say was “Sir, I am so gave so much for us, and we have become so little”. Report Reply 2 replies · active 118 weeks ago +19 Vote up Vote down Jeremy Davis · 118 weeks ago Sing this jingle……Anything you can do, I can just google. I cam just Google without all the debt……Luther, your comment (all of it) is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. Trump and his admin are liars and crooks….Ha Ha Ha Ha. You really wanna talk about crooked politicians. Just because Trump has more respect from foreign leaders than most presidents before him. Is no reason ro perceive everything thing he does has an agenda attached to it. You can’t even give me ONE Political reason as to why he’s so horrible, no you want to talk about his personal life past and present which in no way affects his ability to run a country. Also I excuse the love for Michelle Wolf. This is the same generation who played the choking game, eating a spoon full of cinnamon, eating tide pods and snorting condoms…I’ve just come to expect this type of mentality. Report Reply 0 replies · active 118 weeks ago +12 Vote up Vote down jeff · 118 weeks ago 100% pure shlock. How about a weekly Outdoor & Fishing Column? Report Reply 2 replies · active 118 weeks ago -18 Vote up Vote down Devin McCue · 118 weeks ago Well, firstly I’d like to thank all of your for the views and comments, it’s great to finally see some discussion, however, I wish it had a little more diversity. You all seem so passionate about this issue and seemed a little frightened that anyone have different views than yourselves. I wish, instead of lambasting me for my “abuse of the english language,” you’d actually look at the things I write about. If you took the time to watch Michelle Wolf’s speech rather than the tid bits on Fox News, you’d see that she makes fun of both sides of the aisle and you might even laugh a bit. I don’t ask you to keep your opinions to yourself or even to agree with mine. I simply ask that you attempt to see my point of view. Whatever you may think of liberals, they can at least accept when they’re being made fun of, unlike what I’ve seen from the people in this comment section. Thanks again for reading, I really appreciate all the enthusiasm. Report Reply 1 reply · active 118 weeks ago +16 Vote up Vote down A Soldier · 118 weeks ago You have brought these comments upon yourself good Sir. Your more than obvious disdain for conservatism, and the current President overshadows everything in this article. In my opinion, any grammar issues are irrelevant. This is an opinionated article, not a legal document. Your opinion is what I take issue with. Of course, when a liberal makes fun of liberals, all is good. Right out of the liberal playbook, they use this tactic to completely smear, and destroy any conservative in thier crosshairs, leading the public to think it’s ok because it’s “comedy”. A point you have missed completely, or you may have a misleading agenda as well. You do have the right to your opinions, as do all who have commented. But your last comment shows who the “SNOWFLAKE” actually was. Enjoy your long and prosperous future as a liberal mouthpiece. Report Reply 0 replies · active 118 weeks ago 12Next » Post a new comment Enter text right here! 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