High scores abound at ‘gang of four’ birthday bash

first_imgIt all started early in the morning when some 40 joined the ‘birthday boys’ for breakfast at the Outback before leaving for the 30 minute trip to the regular Monday venue – Burapha.Playing from the ‘whites’ (well it is Bob’s birthday!) it was off to the two-tee start on A and B for the 68 players.  We were away slightly ahead of time all being away by about 10.30 a.m. to enjoy a comfortable, just over four hour round, with no interruptions.Two of Monday’s birthday boys, Capt’ Bob & Neil, flank Friday’s Div. D winner, David DaviesThe format was a ‘two ball’ better ball together with near pins and other prizes on offer.  The course as is usual was in good condition with speedy greens.Back we came into the clubhouse where Capt’ Bob was sorting the cards to determine the winners, and proceeded with the lucky draw for ‘free’ green fee vouchers at Burapha.  This happens every Monday to encourage the Outbackers back into the clubhouse for a drink or a meal.On our return to the Outback the barbie was on, with the usual burgers, both Thai and farang style, sausages, corn and chicken all being made available to the returning golfers all courtesy of the ‘four’.It was then time for the presentation – Nigel as usual called everyone to order and introduced the ‘four’ and handed over to Capt’ Bob to announce the winners.  There were some absolutely amazing scores, with 24 of the 34 teams scoring 40 points or more and 10 of those with 45 points or more, so even with 45 you weren’t certain to finish on the eight place podium.First place went to the unlikely pairing of Raji (6) and Barry Lewis (30), a team that was put together by Capt’ Bob, neither partner having ever played together before.  The card was carefully scrutinized by both Bob and Jack and although the method of getting to the massive 51 points was slightly different, the total was verified as correct, what a fantastic score.  Barry did admit afterwards, it was the best he’d ever played.Two teams on 47 points, normally enough to win this type of tournament, took second and third place; namely Paul Greenaway & Bernie Stafford and Owen Lloyd & John O’Keefe.Other prizes sponsored by the four included nearest the pins:- B3 Peter Kehrli, B8 Raji, A3 Rosco, A6 Raji; nearest second shot, B2 Geoff Moodie, B6 (par 5) Capt’ Bob; nearest third shot A7 (par 5) Owen Walkley and finally best score on the four par 5’s went to Owen Walkley & Andy Makara with 13 points.Barry Chadbourn sponsored the shortest drive on A1 (must use a wood and go past the ladies tee) and that went to Joe Mooney, who was about a yard shorter than Roy Studd’s.Nigel wrapped up the formal part of the proceedings by having all sing ‘Happy Birthday’.Also courtesy of Bob, Lloyd, Neil and George more food was brought out, including fisherman’s pie and massaman beef and there would be a ‘free’ bar for a while.Joining in this unique day was the hard working PSC Golf Chairman Joe Mooneyham, who has a hidden talent – he had made an amazing cake that he presented tonight!  Where does he find the time?  The celebrations went on well into the night – another great day out.  Thanks you guys!There were twelve ‘2’s from Peter Kehrli, Paul Greenaway, Bob Philp, Lloyd Shuttleworth, Steve Mann, Mark McDonald, Pat Regan, Joe Mooneyham, Rosco, Barry Lewis, Raji and Tony Garnett.1st Amarjit Banwaitt & Barry Lewis, 51pts2nd Paul Greenaway & Bernie Stafford, 47pts3rd Owen Lloyd & John O’ Keefe, 47pts4th Chris Thompson & Mark Thomas, 46pts5th Graham Johnson & Garry George, 46pts6th Tony Garnett & Sakorn Pramoolchart, 45pts7th John Cogan & Neil Lavery, 45pts8th David Davies & Barry McIntosh, 45ptsTuesday, Feb. 1, Pattaya C.C. – StablefordJust a little later start today as PCC arranged for an extra three tee times to accommodate the 35 Outbackers who decided to play this improving local course.  We welcomed a number of new faces both joining us at the Outback and also at PCC.With this number, the checking in was still efficient with Jenny and her staff still finding time to have a chat to anyone waiting.  The refurbishment work is continuing in the locker room which will enhance the clubhouse facilities when finished and maybe they will then take down the ‘temporary clubhouse’ sign.It was a bit slow with so many on the course but the weather was beautiful with a light breeze, the course was in fine fettle but the greens just a little slow.It was one to four in two divisions today and a ‘jackpot 2’!In the top flight it was count-back time with Alan Whittingham and Paul Smets both returning 36 points.  Alan took the win by 1 point on the back 9.  Another count-back was necessary to determine the final two places as both Murray Hart and Chris Fletcher achieved 34 points but Murray just edged into third spot by a point.The best score of the day came in the second division from Irish newcomer John White with 41 points, with regular Tuesday man, Geoff Moodie, in second place with 36.Another newcomer was Mam Persson (no relation to Dennis) who was in third spot with 35 points.  There was a big simile from Mam as she handed over her place money to husband Ke.  The final place went to another Tuesday regular Dave Spendley with 34.There was a ‘jackpot 2’ for yet another new Outbacker, Mike Tukk.Div A (0-18)1st Alan Whittingham (17) 36pts2nd Paul Smets (18) 36pts3rd Murray Hart (13) 34pts4th Chris Fletcher (12) 34ptsDiv B (19+)1st John White (28) 41pts2nd Geoff Moodie (23) 36pts3rd Mam Persson (32) 35pts4th David Spendley (23) 34ptsThirty eight Outbackers at Greenwood today, due to play the B and A nines; the only problem was, when we came round to the tenth hole (A), there were loads of groups waiting to tee off (5 balls at that).  What is it with these courses?  This sort of thing is happening everywhere at the moment.  Our front groups needless to say were not happy but for once the starter came to our rescue; he took the decision to open the other nine (C) and sent us all over there.  Well done mate – you saved the day.Some good scores in Div A with a pair of 40’s being the best, newcomer Dave Ferguson edging out the frequent visitor to the podium, Owen Walkley.  Bernie Stafford also did well for his 38, ahead of Jum (35) and Raji (33).In Div B the scoring was not quite so good but nevertheless they did well as another newcomer to the Outback, Mark Dryden, led the way with his 37 points ahead of John Lawton and David Davies (still going well) both with 36.Our thanks today go to Suzi Lawton who ran the day on behalf of the Outback, glad to hear you kept all the men in order.There were four ‘2’s from John Lawton, Jack Piercefield, John White & Owen Walkley.Div A (0-15)1st Dave Ferguson (11) 40pts2nd Owen Walkley (13) 40pts3rd Bernie Stafford (14) 38pts4th Jum Karagit (15) 35pts5th Amarjit Banwaitt (6) 33ptsDiv B (16+)1st Mark Dryden (28) 37pts2nd John Lawton (19) 36pts3rd David Davies (25) 36pts4th Sugar Ray Handford (17) 34pts5th John White (28) 32ptsFriday, Feb. 4, Khao Kheow – StablefordYou might not know it but Khao Kheow was the venue for the qualifying for the LPGA tournament coming up at the Siam Old Course on 17th February and it was a privilege to play on part of the course after the ladies.  We started on the C side, where the greens were somewhat slower than on the A loop, which was one of the nines the girls played; the greens were quick and everything about this nine was superb to say the least.Even though most of the tees were forward it was a great day out and apart from one player, Barry the bookie with a quite outstanding score of 42 points, nobody gave the course a seeing to.  Other winners included newcomer Russell Goldsworthy (Div A) with 35 points (73 gross), although he only just got the better of Graham Johnson on the same score, Chris Davisson, who took Div B with 36, and surprisingly David Davies, who won Div D with the modest score of just 32.It is great to see Pat Regan’s Irish mates back playing here and they were made very welcome by all.  55 golfers played with an somewhat earlier start of 9.46 to accommodate the extras and thank you very much Khao Kheow, it is refreshing to be looked after.There were six ‘2’s from Barry Wood, Kev Waycock, Vin Connellan, Barry Tregurtha, Jack Piercefield and Kev Watson, who had a very special one, an eagle 2 on A1.Div A (0-11)1st Russell Goldsworthy (2) 35pts2nd Graham Johnson (7) 35pts3rd Bob Philp (9) 33pts4th Joe Stranks (10) 32ptsDiv B (12-14)1st Chris Davisson (12) 36pts2nd Tony McDonough (14) 33pts3rd Jum Karagit (13) 32pts4th Peter Ennis (12) 32ptsDiv C (15-19)1st Barry Tregurtha (17) 42pts2nd Reg Glass (16) 36pts3rd Chris Leack (18) 34pts4th Kim Stokes (15) 33ptsDiv D (20+)1st David Davies (25) 32pts2nd Stoll Eberhard (20) 31pts3rd Greg Hill (25) 29pts4th Alex Tregurtha (20) 29pts PSC golf from The Outback Golf BarMonday, Jan. 31, Burapha – Pairs StablefordMany birthdays have been celebrated at the Outback over recent years but not normally on the same day!  Capt’ Bob and three regular Outbackers; Lloyd Shuttleworth, Neil Lavery and ‘Gentleman’ George Bishop came together to have a joint golf competition and party.  Within a day, they all share the same birthday, as do Onsi Lavery (Neil’s wife), Capt’ Bob’s regular caddy at Burapha, Goy, and later in the day we discovered Robert McVey as well. last_img

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