WeChat public operations dry cargo conversion rate is increased by 10 times

write in front of

a lot of people in the marketing of public enterprises or their own public number, – I have seen a lot of companies WeChat public number, the level is really not flattering. So, today to share with you some of their own experience in the operation of the public number, we hope to be useful.

first, the target location

public number existed for more than two years, dividends have entered the time to plough. The operation of the public number, we should locate to segments, more segments of the better; in addition to segmentation, but also to the public that secret agents, has a high value to Nadechushou dry cargo for readers.


the public number is in accordance with the two principles of positioning, positioning the field of network marketing, compared with emotion, the number is the breakdown of the idle away in seeking pleasure. A spy, I am a veteran of Internet marketing, has accumulated some experience, the experience of some network marketing counterparts, is valuable, but in a few years, his work, collecting a large number of network marketing case, these have been good enough for many people.

can be said that the location is the most critical factor in determining the success or failure of the public number, in the positioning of the success or failure is basically doomed. Remember, shengengxizuo


two, column design

I said here is not the column of the bottom of the navigation bar, refers to the type of push article. This is essentially the same as the column on the site, but the form is not the same.

this step is very critical, but often is ignored by most operators. In the account before the operation, it is necessary to plan for the reader to push what types of articles, each type of article which plays a role in the order of emissions should also be considered.

well, pure description is too hard, too abstract, with my account as an example to explain it.


as shown in figure

my article is divided into four sections, namely, information, thinking, dry cargo in four columns;

dry cargo section of the actual instruction case provides the network marketing, it can copy the operation; this is the most lethal, but also the core competitiveness of the


information column positioning, to provide the latest news network marketing, so that readers understand the forefront of network marketing dynamics;

thinking column, provide the network marketing theory, because want to improve to a higher level, only dry cargo is not enough, the theory of knowledge is a must;

The location of

columns, shared values and emotions, nonforwarding chicken soup, mainly their own emotional sharing, the purpose is to communicate with readers and promote the readers heart, viscosity and feelings for the account;

each column is straight

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