Yang Fan product planning and operation planning

planning work nature:

I work through their own experience, the planning is divided into 2 types: product planning, operational planning.

product planning:

What is the

product planning? According to the literal meaning can be easily understood, product planning is the chief architect of a product, for different industries in different enterprises, the products are not the same, but the concept is the same. I like to use the analogy to make the reader easier to understand what I mean, take the film industry to the Internet industry metaphor, the post will also be used in the film industry to explain the position.

product planning is like in the film industry as a director, screenwriter usually also plays a role, business logic he needs guidance of the product (clear guidance film every time): remember the business logic, and not the system or product structure logic, which will be completed by the system architect.

access to business needs, the preparation of product planning and implementation of document guidance (written script): the most important part of their own work, the latter will be described in detail.

the selection of qualified members of the project team (for actor, photographer, film editing, sound engineer, props and so on): at present, most of the work done by the project manager, but I think that a qualified product manager should be responsible for their own products, which claim has the correct choice of working partners, can the ability to identify job skills in other aspects of the work of personnel, especially the core technology personnel department, because once the selected core technology backbone, experienced technicians and excellent will achieve a multiplier effect, but also in other aspects of the work of personnel selection technology, technical backbone will play a crucial role.

coordinate all aspects of work in the development process, make timely feedback to reflect the logic is not clear or demand changes (on purpose, adjust the mood, the film actor to propose nonlinear editing post production visual demand).

As a

user testing work in the product development process (watch video clips): the test is not of course I refers to the unit test or integration testing, these will be completed in the daily work of the technical staff of the black box, the user only need to test the product planning is good.

in product planning is to get the business needs (usually from the operations department, Boss acquisition, or self innovation), the use of their professional knowledge that demand into technical departments can guide the work of the actual document (i.e. planning in foolsidea.org guide April delusion content) with a series of related, at the same time the work of other aspects of the work. According to the enterprise project to divide the position, can be called (Requirement Analyst) analyst, I love is called themselves analyst or interaction designer (Interaction Designer), and a "policy"

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