WeChat marketing skills to buy fruit from the beginning of the experience of buying vegetables

now is the summer, many people love to eat fruit, especially watermelon, Wang is also very love to eat. So, that night after dinner, take a walk with friends to the cell door, there is a small traders in the selling fruit, he has been here before, before buying something, okay. Seeing a few people around there, I went to see him with my friends. He saw that we were looking at plums, so he said to us, "take it and eat it. When my friend asked him how much money a pound, he said, you eat, eat, feel good you buy, do not eat without money.

so, a lot of people ate it. And then bought it.

said here, it may be a lot of people will say that this is not a lot of fruits are sold like this. However, I would like to say is to sell the fruit shop behind the marketing logic.

first, the dealer can create topics to attract crowds. There are a lot of people around there, people feel very lively, Chinese people have the habit of love to join the fun, a lot of people see, immediately surrounded by the past.

then, after the popularity began crying for their fruit, although there are a lot of fruit stores have a free tasting, but those are some of the fruit shop, eat specially for you, for example, is a slice of watermelon, melon and cut a small piece of good, the overall feeling is pick up some of the best people to eat. Although the vendor is a small business, but on their own fruit taste very confident, so try to eat dead out, eat. Note that there is no sweet, no money. But let the customer try again and then decided to buy. If you ask him how to buy, how much money a pound, he also said, you try to eat, eat, your taste you buy in.

third, because the front of the bedding, let you eat. So, when you eat, even if the taste is not very good, you will feel that the traders are good, the price is affordable, do not buy feel embarrassed, after all, so many people watching, so, eventually bought. For people who are really delicious, it will certainly buy more.

from such a small case to WeChat marketing, in fact, is the same. WeChat marketing, but also rely on the feelings of trust. Of course, also need skills.

today, there was a fan who wanted me to send an ad in my circle of friends. Then she said she was very disappointed with me. Indeed, the direct refusal is a bit cruel. However, as a responsible person, I can only refuse. Because, I do not understand your product, you do not understand the operating capacity. Because it is the mask, the object of its own consumption is the beauty of the girls, in case of allergy after use it, the more serious damage occurs?. Ten thousand steps back, if the effect is very good, your sales suddenly up, one day send hundreds of parcels, you can operation here? Let fans wait for a long time? For fans to experience can guarantee 100% satisfaction? These are some very real problems.

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