How to promote the wedding Forum

today, a friend of A5 to find Yang Yang, he wanted to do a wedding forum let me help him analyze. Just tell him a few points, but because of the time relationship is not very detailed, just this will be free to write a detailed analysis of the article, but also to share with you how to promote the wedding forum.

since we do wedding forum must first understand the industry, find out about the wedding of this forum on Baidu, the first one by one analysis to see what the difference with their own forum, which compare a high popularity compared to look at. Think of his popularity in the end where the high, how to go beyond him. After analysis can try to do it, because it is the first wedding wedding forum, so that the plate will be comprehensive, such as plate plate plate before the wedding marriage and marriage, as long as the relationship to consider. Plate to do just right, give people a look very reasonable, but also the feeling of affinity. The second is to identify the key, that is to say, what is the main content of your forum, wedding forum is the most important wedding board, so we should give priority to do this plate.

the other two marriage and marriage play a major role, can make the forum more interesting. Wedding board to add their own reasonable plate such as wedding photography, wedding preparations, honeymoon, etc.. This look at themselves, as long as reasonable on the line. Forum will start to do a good job, you can go to the major forum posting soft Wen, local can also be local publicity. Send more posts and soft Wen is a good way of publicity, not only can let more people know your BBS, but also in the soft add their own links can improve the anti chain, the forum included, with new snapshot also help. Forum posts as the original, I had to do a forum,, because the AD forum is advertising posts everywhere, really want to see the visitors very few posts, administrators carefully audit, delete ads words and the content is not good, keep good quality of original content. When the forum reached a certain degree of popularity, to learn to understand the user experience, think of ways to know what the user wants. I used to write a "do the forum is for users," the article, saying that this is the truth, only to achieve the satisfaction of users in order to retain more people. At the end of the forum often engage in some activities, the point of what prizes. Members can also be recommended to the wedding photos, but must be good service. This will increase the credibility of the members of the forum. These are the administrator to do. Write so much let us summarize what the management of the forum to do.

in the first (wedding) forum, the first careful analysis of the same industry forum, the development of a forum framework, which should add some of their own characteristics.

second forum plate well, to make the main block, such as premarital wedding marriage, then make the classification plate don’t add plate such as wedding photography, wedding dress, wedding and other board piece to add some.

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