How to build an excellent product from zero to one

you don’t need funding and programmers before defining the product

recently read the "black swan" author Taleb wrote another book, "anti fragile", which referred to "half of life is not named". The whole book is to define a word to discuss the corresponding laws behind the thinking. In this way, by summing up their own thinking.


the things in life are formed by definition. But this sentence is not to say that is not defined by the language does not exist objectively, it means that if a thing or phenomenon is not well defined or has been defined but you do not understand, in addition to the cognitive framework it will only exist in your.

is not defined for things, many words in the network can be used as a good case in the absence of "dwelling" is defined as "dwelling" before, this fact does not exist in the cognitive system of most people; "grass root" in the network has not been defined before, you are very difficult to form such a group the cognitive. What is defined is not necessarily understood. For example, the word "mother", everyone knows what it means, but few people can understand the word very well. Aside from the corresponding cultural precipitation behind it, only from a simple side to talk about it.

we’ve done a mom related application before. In the study of user requirements and product oriented application scenarios, I found that the only way to make the team a good understanding of the intrinsic logic of this product is to clearly define the term.

so when you decide to do a product, you do not need to invest money and programmers, but how to clearly define your product, your product brings the scene and logical thinking can be accepted by everybody, love.

tells the story of a product from the definition, expression, realization, operation of the breeding process.

The first thing that

needs to make a movie is a good story, a good script, that is to say that your film is love, action, adventure…… To create a product is also the case, first of all to define your product embodied in the thinking, the scene, the story, which is a very important step, is to support the foundation of your life…… After having a good script through what kind of way to tell the story to show the expression, is how you are to put in front of the scene, said the story to express thinking, good for everyone. And then the film is to shoot out, the first definition of your product to do it, presented to everyone. The last is to promote your film, that is, to promote your products, bring you to the scene of your products.

without the need to deconstruct the pseudo demand

needs to disassemble

to explore the needs of the bottom user

demand must be placed in the scene inside to reflect

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