Micro marketing era how to make your micro-blog more valuable

the development of the Internet today, if you do not know micro-blog, it is too OUT. Especially for the electricity supplier industry is concerned, micro-blog marketing is an important part of the enterprise network marketing, companies can be free to open their own official micro-blog for better publicity and promotion. As a sharing and exchange platform, micro-blog generally has a length limit of 140 words, its biggest feature is: the release of information faster, faster dissemination of information. At the same time, micro-blog has the convenience and multimedia, but pay more attention to the timeliness and randomness, can express every thought and the latest developments. Wherever there is a network, you can brush micro-blog. However, when you use micro-blog long time but still time when fast food reading makes it difficult for you to accumulate things, maybe you will be confused and uneasy. So, in today’s micro marketing era, how to make your micro-blog more valuable? The following by the small series for everyone to explain briefly:


1, streamline. To understand that less is more, first of all to control the number of accounts you pay attention to regularly clean up and account for your concerns. For each of your areas of concern, it is best to choose a representative of the 1~2, you are more recognized accounts for attention. Because a lot of accounts in various fields, but the content is almost. Are you concerned about the account too much, then browse when information is too complex, the quality is not high.

2, collection. Reading is divided into intensive reading and extensive reading. For the general reading past micro-blog you can, but for some people think you more interested or worthy collection of micro-blog, you can keep up reading, but also on these collections of micro-blog always finishing, so in order to find, at the same time, to the best knowledge through digestion.

3, learning. No matter where, good content is the most popular. In order to write micro-blog, we have to read more, see more news magazines and other portal sites, learn some better classic words, writing techniques, material editing and so on. But also to learn more about the current news hot spots, highlights, and combined with their own advantages, will be selectively converted into their own expression of content presented in micro-blog.

4, show. This is mainly for the official micro-blog is concerned, we can set up in the management of the center of information management and display settings to do a good job in the construction. For example, as far as possible to fill in the information is accurate, clear, refined, well Links, contact the content added; can also add pictures and links to video links in the display settings for image slideshow and video display. When you do this, your official micro-blog will be tall and tall.

5, Taobao. Some Taobao buddies in Riga micro-blog promotional content on Taobao baby URL, released after the success will be automatically displayed, and Taobao maps and related titles, volume and other information automatically, can let visitors click directly into the Taobao Oh, the effect is very good. However, write about

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