Transformation of the electricity supplier urgent lack of talent to help start the war

recently, Songshan Lake held cross-border electricity supplier personnel Shuangxuan 60 talents were looted, this phenomenon is not the first time in the field of electronic business. To solve this problem, the cross-border electricity supplier in Dongguan Association for the first time to try to free training and actual combat the form of enterprise talent "overweight", intends to hold a variety of training talents for enterprise entrepreneurship competition.

Dongguan post in the field of electricity providers also have a big move, the introduction of the generation of operations and other forms to ease the shortage of talent. At the same time, more and more training institutions and enterprises to cooperate, the order of the training of electricity supplier personnel to ease the huge population gap. Insiders pointed out that the Dongguan business people breaking the curtain had just opened the curtain, with the rapid development of the electricity supplier in Dongguan, the next war breaking more and more interesting.

Nanfang Daily reporter Liu Muhua

electricity supplier transformation talent shortage

has done for many years the traditional B2B business Lee, recently being unable to recruit B2C electricity supplier talent and worry. Mr. Li founded the factory located in Houjie, 10 years to Europe and other countries harness goods orders, these orders early on the accumulation of a lot of wealth. However, in recent years, B2B orders growth is almost zero, see their customers in cross-border B2C electricity supplier sales are good, so want to enter this field to show their skills. However, a few months to advertise the job, still did not recruit the right person, this project can only be temporarily stranded.

similar cases are not in the minority. Although many manufacturing enterprises in Dongguan is aware of the electricity supplier is bound to take the road, but subject to the lack of talent this factor, electricity supplier road is not smooth, and even did not embark on the electricity supplier road. Last year, the relevant departments of Dongguan city conducted a survey of thousands of enterprises, results showed that over 60% of enterprises believe that it is necessary to carry out electronic commerce, this shows that Dongguan e-commerce trade has a better awareness of environmental infrastructure, but the lack of real action, not to carry out electronic commerce manufacturing enterprises more than half, is one of the major factors the lack of talent.


this year to carry out electricity supplier business continues to increase, but the booming cross-border electricity providers, so that the electricity supplier talent gap continues to increase.

only from the field of cross-border electricity supplier B2C point of view, Dongguan postal international cross-border packet market share ranked first. The latest data show that in the first half of 2015, Dongguan Post issued an average daily international packet 66 thousand, compared with the same period in the first half of last year more than doubled. A number of electricity supplier training institutions responsible person pointed out that almost every company wants to engage in or are engaged in electricity supplier companies are missing.

aliexpress University Global Business School General Manager Zhang Hewen said, the Alibaba international station as an example, Dongguan business in the platform of the enterprise over more than 4000, each enterprise in the electricity supplier this gap in about 3 – 5 people, so to count, only in the field of the gap amounted to tens of thousands of people. In recent years, the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier B2C, which is a larger gap.

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