Easy fast network into the home appliance market challenges Suning Jingdong

after the price war, war service, backed by the Tencent’s fast and easy net positive industry leading Jingdong and suning.com mall launched a strong challenge.

yesterday (March 18th), the company has just completed the largest round of restructuring in the history of the organization, easy fast network launched a high-profile appliance city channel, the official entry into the home appliance e-commerce market. Yi Xun network insiders, Yi Xun network will work with Haier, GREE and other domestic appliance giant launched a national promotional activities.

industry experts Cao Yueping said that the current scale of China’s home appliance market reached 1 trillion and 300 billion, accounting for sales from the electricity supplier is very low, great potential.

last year, Jingdong mall pioneered the launch of the United States, Suning and other stores under the line of the price war, the traditional power plants have strengthened their cooperation and e-commerce channels.

easy fast network appliance category of vice president Liang Hongsheng on the "daily economic news" reporter said, compared to clothing, department stores, audio books and other categories, large household appliances has its particularity, after consumers buy all electrical installation and commissioning and service demand, online only the sale of semi-finished products; on the other hand, the strong home appliance brand protection of the line channels is relatively strong."

as of now, Yi Xun SKU appliance category (commodity number) from more than 4 thousand to more than 10 thousand by the end of 2012, home appliance brands also increased from more than and 120 to more than and 400.

on logistics, Liang Hongsheng said, the beginning of last year, Yi Xun is currently in the six regions to set up a core position, before the end of July this year, will open 10 large warehouse. By then, Yi Xun electric distribution services will cover 83% of China’s home appliance market in the region.

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