The new test of the electricity supplier delivery service information was illegal trading crackdown


Times News (reporter Liao Feng) yesterday, the State Post Bureau publicized on the official website, the State Post Bureau in conjunction with the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of state security, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other six departments jointly issued the "notice" on the proper delivery of service information and safety supervision, illegal behavior involved in information disclosure on delivery services in.

notice pointed out that in recent years, the number of information delivery services increased sharply, illegal trade, illegal disclosure of information delivery services of the cases showed multiple trends, and even formed a "underground industry", serious damage to the personal rights of citizens, hinder the healthy development of the postal industry.

It is understood that in addition to

, Taobao and other e-commerce platform, specialized trading sites also express a single number as last year caused a great disturbance emerge in an endless stream, "Amoy single 114", "Amoy shop", "Amoy single net", "No.". Each number is the price tag sale, wholesale price for a minimum of 4 cents.

in fact, last year, the State Post Bureau issued a "notice" on the strict precautions against delivery concerns enterprises and employees illegal disclosure of user information courier service or postal service, postal administration requirements quickly around urge enterprises to seriously self delivery, for enterprise to collect user information, link position, one by one investigation found vulnerabilities and risks to timely rectification.

and the six departments jointly issued a notice to break the plight of the lack of some of the power of the State Post Bureau, such as the post office does not shut down the illegal information trafficking website. The six departments to establish a reasonable division of labor, with effective, selves, coordinated operations "delivery services of information security supervision and coordination mechanism, illegal strike deal with information disclosure etc..

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