How to maximize the fans of the economy, net red Taobao shop worth learning

recently, there are news reports, Wang Sicong girlfriend opened Taobao store, 8 months to sell the more than 200 million. It is reported that Wang Sicong’s girlfriend shop name is "money lady", his nickname Sydney, real name Chenhui 90 was born, Zhu, belongs to the family of young model.

click on, enter the "money lady", "money madam store" and "money Mrs. exclusive custom" and "money lady Korea pavilion"…… According to the sales, in addition to money Mrs exclusive custom "excess is 120 thousand, other shop sales of no more than 3 digits, then access the money Mrs. exclusive custom" shop home oncoming is hundreds of "pictures", so the first impression is not into a Taobao shop, but a a beautiful pictures nets, pull down pull down, finally saw the baby, 12 baby home recommended, sales have exceeded one thousand, ranked in the top three sales exceeded million baby.

access row in the home page of the baby, the baby is the key words to describe the exclusive custom, denim jacket". In the description of the goods is just a few words: "this cowboy clothes you do not buy I really cry ~ really set a very low price you get a hand to see the stars above will feel the value of the……" It’s like a little girl’s confession, followed by a lot of live pictures. The buyer evaluation is so described: "great!!! Was a sports brand bought more than and 600 jeans, to see it immediately put the back haha, wear is also nice!!!! I’m a bit longer sleeves but no harm!! but you really want to say about this the clothes taste good big ah, hurry home soaked in the first time to buy Sydney! A good surprise joy, each love, then you home!" and in the evaluation of the baby more than and 100 in the Taobao store at a glance through the evaluation system, not bad, but also not one-sided. Like, buyers of some of the details of the "taste" and "coarse sleeves" is also quite critical, flawed evaluation more convincing.

According to data provided by Taobao

display, this year, the Taobao store in Sydney August evaluation of single transaction is 873331, the products sold by the average customer price at 200 yuan in. That is to say, so far, the Sydney Taobao store has at least more than 200 million yuan in sales. "Money lady" of the Taobao store over 100 million yuan turnover, in the commodity selection, shop marketing mode is quite a lot of effort, then success shop where


in the choice of goods, the choice of mass consumption of clothing products

in Taobao, clothing products sales have been ranked in the top three, not only large sales of apparel products, but also high profits, Taobao relevant responsible person said, the average profit margin of clothing retail can reach more than 45%. In the Taobao store, the largest selling price of clothing in general between 100-300 yuan, while the money lady selling clothing prices are generally less than 200, quite in line with the public spending power. At the same time, clothing sales and model color value is proportional to the

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