Social marketing Enterprises need more social than individuals


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is about how to do the Internet, how to do network promotion content, today to share a hot topic on the network, whether the network marketing companies do need socializing? Most online or with the public from the media to do, WeChat public platform, WeChat public number, use the the platform to do a simple social enterprise, because WeChat itself is a social function, and many enterprises with the use of this point


about the public number to suck powder of this, before a lot of content have been introduced and share here, not too much to say, interested can go to learn more about, now more and more enterprises and individuals in the WeChat marketing, some also use their own circle of friends, society the relationship between to help, to better grasp the WeChat flow above

can not be denied, in the Internet, "BAT" occupies most of the big three, Baidu heavy technology, Ali heavy operations, Tencent heavy products, for enterprises and individuals to choose, in addition to the platform, or more in dealing with the relationship between the choice of the three platforms, the Internet in addition to products and technology to do the good operation mode, more still cannot do without the social relationship, which is more still need social network

a, social marketing

social marketing, different from the micro distribution system and social business, social marketing means more for all including the use of social relations, social platforms, social connections and other related contents of the marketing activities of



also said in front of, enterprises or individuals on the Internet network marketing at the same time, in addition to good products and technology, besides the good operation mode, but also a social good social relations, so how to expand and develop the social relationship between the use of platform has become the problems must be solved, the product technology or, operation mode is good, these can make special personnel to do these things, but social this aspect more or rely on their own accumulation and development in order to form

two, social platform

through the above simple introduction of Internet and some common sense, the social aspects of doing better, more platform or Tencent, at this stage, the Tencent has a lot of platforms and products are available for each enterprise and individual development of social relations, to help improve the social network


common network can be used to do this aspect of the product is mainly concentrated in two directions:

1 QQ

this is no stranger to you, from the initial e-mail social MSN to the current QQ Tencent social, communication, sharing and communication with people

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