Tsinghua Tongfang computer shopping mall new marketing model

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survey, 2007 Chinese B2C industry overall market transactions amounted to 56 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 117.4%, growth in 2008 China online shopping transaction size of 125.1%, reached 126 billion 300 million yuan, in 2011 is expected to reach 569 billion yuan. In the Internet e-commerce in full swing today, the same side of the computer innovation, marketing tentacles also began to extend to the internet. Tongfang computer Taobao official flagship store launched the business in April last year, after a lapse of a year of 09 years in April, with the official website of a comprehensive revision, integration of the new official website mall function officially launched, marking the same side into a comprehensive online marketing field.

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, Tongfang computer has officially opened the official e-commerce platform, with this platform, the new channel for consumers more access to the latest product information and purchase information, but also can be more convenient to buy their products through the network. In order to further improve the online payment transaction system, strategic partnership with computer and industry leading electronic payment platform "fast money" reached, by money and support free credit card payment, credit card payment, payment and other applied product system. Users in Tsinghua Tongfang official website to buy computer products, you can use the bank card and credit card to complete the payment of more than and 20 domestic banks, and can be paid in installments.

Tsinghua Tongfang computer online marketing business leader Zhang Xiaofeng told reporters, the choice of cooperation and fast money, mainly to see the previous bank card, credit card payment process, consumers are often limited to a certain amount of consumption rather than a large amount of payment, and EEG as one of the large household consumption characteristics is the price is relatively high with the fast money, cooperation with the party to effectively improve the user experience, the bottleneck of the low success rate of breakthrough consumer large payments. You can easily choose a variety of consumer payment, easy to complete the purchase from the product, and then pay the full, free delivery service door, buy at ease, peace of mind and convenient.

fast money CEO Mr. Guan Guoguang said that Chinese forms of payment to the economic structure has Chinese conditions closely related to the globalization of the economic environment and the motive force of the revolution of the information age requires us to broader horizons and keep pace with the times. To pay by money in the same computer official e-commerce platform, even without opening online banking users still can conduct online consumer, for the sales side, can bring the new volume and to provide consumers with high-quality consumer services, is conducive to the diversified development of enterprises, with the first step online marketing.


with the computer network partners plan to create a new model of wealth wealth

in the development of the Internet, Dangdang, excellent network, Taobao B2C mall and other business in the last year was unusually prosperous, Jingdong mall, music Amoy network and other vertical class B2C mall >

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