Five simple strategies for visitors to become repeat customers

lead: regular access to a website is a challenge, especially not updated frequently or you just updated content monotonous news or product announcements.


‘s exposure to the back of the site and the sense of community is what every small business is looking for. But it is a challenge to allow users to visit a web site on a regular basis, especially if they are not updated frequently, or if the content you are updating is a monotonous news release or product announcement.

fortunately, the establishment of a "attractive" enough to make the user back to the site does not need a lot of investment or to reinvent themselves as an online media empire rookie. All you need is a little bit of work and contact with the customer, as the following simple strategy, each of which is to make your home page of the day of the surge in the presence of:

contact and communication: blog should be an important part of any modern website, this is no doubt. After all, you’ll be able to update the site in real time by clicking a few times to create stable content that will make your visitors feel fresh and interesting. This practice also helps to highlight the human side of the enterprise, allowing users to focus on the people behind the enterprise".

, however, want to have the real appeal can let visitors back, please note: you will need to provide a unique and dynamic, with information and entertainment value, and to all the people are able to understand the way of expression. To be more specific, you need to understand that the audience wants to have a normal conversation with you and provide them with valuable content. Recording articles, a detailed description of how to get more from your product, partners, and detailed project log data according to guidelines of celebrity or internal stakeholder interviews: all to keep in touch with the audience, to communicate in a manner that not only allows users to generate interest and obtain information, but also have enough the temptation to visit again to them.

emphasizes community building: social media insiders know that creating a sense of community around your site is one of the most powerful tools to attract and ultimately retain potential supporters. But this does not mean just throw out a message board, and then it is sent to the client or let things drift, in the form of e-mail is very easy to sporadic news in other places to find updates.

more precisely, you should not only by taking the time and resources, to actively participate in the discussion of the way to encourage users, but also let them feel that someone is really in a listen to their concerns, and seize every opportunity to respond and feedback. It is also important to reward contributors, with the aim of making the community members to contribute and share their ideas, concepts, and creativity. Even if it’s just to get enthusiastic fans to participate in the company’s next logo design or arrange for them to chat with the company’s executives

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