WeChat public comment online function The number of public beta

A5 (admin5.com) station network December 19th news, the news that WeChat is currently online public comment function, users can see the comments section below the public number of articles. The day before, southern weekend, Guangzhou daily, Tibet, Penguin tank riding public number had the comment function, and the specific on-line time WeChat public comment function is inconclusive.

It is reported that the number of public

, riding Tibet has participated in the WeChat public number of online activities, the relevant news that this account is WeChat team operation, riding Tibet many times as the first test, WeChat launched a new feature, the "WeChat public line comment function" true add evidence.

it is understood that the number of articles is the default mode of public comment function is not open, the operator can choose to open the comment before release function, the reader can comment on the article, at the same time, the operator has the right to review the content for irrigation, screening, malicious comments of language can be directly below the post filtering, can only display "the operator choice comments".


WeChat in July following the public display read the article number and line point like features, the comment function will become another important function of the upgrade, and operators have whether to open the comment function, and the right selection review content authority, also adhering to the "clean up bad information of WeChat’s" cautious style, but the comment function can enhance the interactivity of WeChat public number? On the line about "comments", WeChat insiders also said the decision on the line plan according to the measured results.

netizens said, WeChat public number around a circle, completed the blog mobile, mobile blog + circle of friends (Communication) to form a combination of the new media…… Do not deliberately take the product to fight each other comparison, we can see the number of WeChat public just go a more transparent route.

from the display reading several articles, on-line point like features will be on-line comments, WeChat public increasingly transparent, then picking the public number Claudia, more pressure to the operator. In addition, in addition to powder, brush reading volume, the underground business is not more than a robot review service?

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