Exposure site quickly included method Daquan

every day will see such soft Wen in the webmaster online, I stop for a day included. A thousand miles a week. I want to say, in fact, this is nothing, as long as you put your heart, everything is not a problem. The method is to figure out, and the best way is to practice, there is no way more useful than practice. Well, nonsense is not much to say, today I put a year to let search engines quickly included in the method to share with you.

1, whether it is Baidu or GG are like fresh content, so that the site is built, set keywords will become very important. Here we can the opportunistic. Will your keywords set to extremely unpopular, the cold of the search engines are not included, of course, some difficult words. But not without. With a heart you will find. Originally included so easily. Of course, here to remind you that, not all the keywords set unpopular word, is just one of the main words, otherwise you are a fool.

experience sharing: when the site is not updated snapshot, the above methods can also be used to seduce the spider update, the effect is very obvious.

2, after the completion of the site, spend $20 to buy links, A5 there are too many cabbage links, looking like you no PR, but the update must be fast. 2-3 dollars a person to sell, about 10 on the OK. Of course, if your friend has a website willing to take you, you can save the 20 dollars. If you don’t think the price is acceptable, tell you about one of the world’s cheapest places to sell. That is Ali mother, the election of 1 dollars a week of advertising, you just included, do not have to see how much he traffic, snapshot update in time on the line. China is the largest producer of cheap labor, while Ali’s mother is a good place to choose cheap labor force in the world.

experience sharing: do not look down on cheap online advertising, the major search engines are on this path to get rich.

3, one of the most popular methods: create Wikipedia, whether Baidu or Sogou, for your website or a word, build a encyclopedia, which contribute to the network search engine, also paid special attention to your station.

experience sharing: extremely admire the Forum on Wikipedia to make money. This year what money is not let go of the way ah.

4, the most aggressive of the two methods: the webmaster online to write soft – everyone knows


experience sharing: not only allows you to quickly be included in the site, but also get a lot of backlinks. The last king figure shoot two hawks with one arrow! Thanks for the majority of users to provide the platform for


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