The nternet should not engage in the great leap forward should be a little more secure

      one of the characteristics of Chinese people is to follow, the Internet is also. Any web site, as long as a certain degree of success, similar sites will inevitably appear in front of the Internet users, which is the characteristics of China’s internet.

      development of the Internet in the Chinese although very short, but it is dogged by bad luck after several ups and downs, 2007, China Internet entered a relatively attractive stage, the VC investors ready to get huge website frequently, risk investment. So the Internet again is speculation, because a lot of success is the leader in all walks of life, so some people said: the Internet is more stable in 2007, the site should be specialized, industry oriented development, encourage everyone to do regional sites, looking for gaps in the market.

      another feature of China’s Internet is: more than a lot of people, of course, more Internet users. Based on the "many", of every hue of the industry Web site suddenly stand, everywhere on the regional nature of the information portal, I searched, even in my hometown small town have their own portals, really let me a sigh.

      Lenovo to the great leap forward thinking during the cultural revolution, can not help but burst scared, China Internet also take the great leap forward of the road?

      so many "industry" and "portal" website, and mostly follow the trend established, there is no any depth at all, but many webmaster in site built after the initial and updated daily, but after the passion ask no matter, the "portal" website is like my hometown, N what day did not update, the news is "load copy" Sina, Sohu and other traditional portals, what is the attraction? How can such a website succeed?

      Ma Huateng, the success of the QQ, although it is largely imitate foreign ICQ’s successful experience, but he chose the right time, the competition is small, and gradually introduced their own elements, formed their own characteristics, but even so, Ma Huateng had to sell 1 million QQ. The success of the hardships.

      Chinese webmaster, than before more mature and steady, but every day there are new people to join the ranks of the webmaster, these new Adsense is the major media in bewitched, attracted by the Internet is full of flourishes, all dream of building a web site will be able to succeed, is impetuous.

      so, the webmaster more pragmatic spirit, study the market down, no great future do not, do more with its own characteristics.

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