SEO think of the price

recently and a lot of people in the SEO industry after the exchange found that a lot of companies or individuals have raised the price of keywords ranking optimization, thinking, I think there are several reasons.

is a direct reason is that now the difficulty of search engine optimization is getting higher and higher, especially new sites. Such as the recent BAIDU to the railway station, more difficult, in addition, with the increased awareness of SEO, more and more users to participate in the website of the natural ranking GOOGLE and Baidu in the competition, the position is limited, the degree of competition nature is more and more high, SEO practitioners found the so-called "cold" less. These factors caused the rise in service costs, price increases is imperative.

, another phenomenon is that last year with the SEO market increasingly popular, more and more personal or micro team intervention into the market, many of which are at a low price as a competitive strategy, this approach is effective, in the early stages of SEO development, is also not the brand value. Many customers are very sensitive to the price of the high quality of service can not be judged in the case, the price advantage is obvious. This part of the individual or team in the process of digestion SEO orders also gradually realized, too low input and output will only make themselves gradually become SEO migrant workers". SEO as a service product, resource investment and did not imagine so low, low price strategy allows individuals to obtain a small benefit, is unable to make the team grow (the current SEO industry is very significant). I also found to have such a sense of SEOer, from the initial stage precludes low-cost keyword optimization market, not price, and pays attention to large users and SEM ZhengZhan optimization project, not blindly orders, pay attention to customer satisfaction and enhance their professional knowledge, and consciously to brand building. I think, this format SEO companies should be a "sustainable development".

is talking about how the price of SEO is determined. The customer is usually to price Google or Baidu keyword optimization according to the existing site included quantity, quality, the most important is a comprehensive assessment of the degree of competition keywords factors such as price, these claims are true, but by the same word price of different factors are very important to the following several: there is a lack of orders, if live prices high, whereas low price next, anyway, people are idle; look at the nature of the customer, if individuals or small businesses, customers tend to consider affordability, if the company is big, the price of natural rose; mood, this did not explain. As the customer how to evaluate SEO service price, my opinion must take into account the opportunity cost, the opportunity cost is a good service in time, effect get you a more commercial value, this is the opportunity cost is very low. Anyway, a service provider appears at a very low price, sign the contract when James seems cheap, but the service promises or discount, ranking long time to reach the desired effect, or ranking and unstable, today before the ten day after tomorrow. "

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