National domain name for 3 years to develop a comprehensive transition timetable Pv6


Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) before the date of each joint IP address distribution alliance members, Internet based resources operators, service providers, the domain name registration services jointly signed the "Chinese Internet based resource deployment of IPv6 Beijing declaration", to jointly promote the development of Internet based resources, promote sustained rapid and healthy China internet safe and sound the application of IPv6 into the era of commitment.

from the application point of view, the current IPv6 network in China is still in the early stages of development, has not yet entered the stage of extensive deployment of implementation; IPv6 industry chain is not perfect, but also in the formation stage of industrial development.

national "12th Five-Year" plan clearly stated, "to speed up the construction of broadband, integration, security, in the next generation of national information infrastructure, promote the depth of integration of information technology and industrialization, promote the informationization of economic and social fields." The Ministry of industry and information technology in October 2010 "the State Council on the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries" was released, clear in the "12th Five-Year" period to focus on building IPv6 for next generation internet.

it is understood that the application of IPv6 requires a unified deployment of the country, involving basic resources services, operators, equipment providers, content providers and other aspects of the joint push forward. The domain name and IP address allocation as the basis of Internet resources, is to build the foundation of the next generation of Internet, the application of IPv6 is essential. The Internet demonstration project of our next generation (CNGI) expert committee member Mao Wei believes that "the next generation of the Internet domain name platform based on the IPv6 address resources, will become China’s next generation of promoting the development of China’s strategic emerging industries, the construction of the Internet infrastructure security." China’s national domain name has been registered, and other aspects of the analysis began to support the IPv6 address. Back in 2004, CN domain name server IPv6 address has been written to the domain name root server, CN national top-level domain name support from the IPv6 network access analysis.

in China’s Internet resources in the process of in-depth deployment of IPv6, the first to start is to build the next generation of Internet infrastructure services platform". CNNIC assistant director Qi Lin, resources service platform of Internet based generation is the first national domain name service system with full support for IPv6, and construct a national Internet based resource directory database, the service platform for IPv6 address allocation planning as well as the next generation of Internet resources on the basis of the open research work based on technology. The platform will provide a secure, stable and efficient resource service for the next generation of internet.

national domain name to IPv6 comprehensive transition initially developed a 3 year timetable. From the beginning of 2011, in addition to the domain name registration services jointly set up ten "the next generation of trusted domain domain name authority demonstration node" will also work with internet based operators to build 7 "the next generation of trusted domain recursive domain.

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