Mango TV completed 1 billion 500 million yuan B round of financing, investment valuation of $13 bill

mango TV insiders to 36 krypton confirmed, mango TV has completed B round of financing, raising funds of nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan, the investment market valuation of 13 billion 500 million yuan.

mango TV said that this round of financing will be beneficial to solve the problems such as capital, talents, and will bring a multi screen cloud began to expand the field of hardware, OS.

back in November 2015, there was news that mango TV ongoing second round of financing. At that time, the country’s capital investment fund, said: in November 10th, mango TV has held a second round of investor meeting in Changsha. Hunan radio and television director Lv Huanbin personally presided over more than 40 Guozihao investment units to participate in. It is said that the intention to subscribe for capital has exceeded 20 billion, but only a few can get investment quota.

worth mentioning is that during this period, Ma had personally visited the Hunan radio and television, and mango TV senior closed door meetings. Recently, the Alibaba formally established the cultural entertainment entertainment sector, Ma said the future will become the important strategic direction of ali.

it is understood that mango TV 2014 revenue of 80 million in 2015 was $1 billion. Hunan radio and television as the background of mango TV, has the advantage of license and content production. Mango TV CEO Ding Cheng in May new conference call, Internet video companies, only mango TV has SARFT issued the Internet and TV content service license, the homemade mango TV content accounted for 38% of the content of the website.

June 2015, mango TV completed the A round of financing, was valued at 7 billion yuan. It is reported that, in the A round of financing, mango TV originally planned to raise 6 to $1 billion, about 10% of the equity release, the market for the next three years. Eventually, mango TV chose the new joint capital, Xiamen, such as the establishment of 6 investment institutions, financing shares reduced to about 7%.

According to the data released by the

mango TV, in the implementation of the strategy of Hunan radio and television broadcast only two years, the PC terminal, the mobile terminal, OTT terminal and the number of users was several times the growth of mobile phone APP breaking 100 million downloads in 330 days, the company’s revenue from 80 million in 2014, increased to 1 billion in 2015.

data show that mango TV was officially opened in 2008, Hunan radio and television’s exclusive Internet video platform. 2014 mango TV has announced that Hunan radio has a complete program of self made intellectual property rights will be broadcast by mango TV alone, no longer distributed on the Internet copyright.

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