Starry piano nets general manager Ceng Jigui attended the 2009 China grass-roots nternet Conference

venue panorama

starry piano nets general manager Ceng Jigui spoke at the meeting

at 1 p.m. on January 11th, the Chinese Internet grassroots conference held in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Starry piano nets general manager Ceng Jigui was invited to attend and speak at the meeting, the forum, to discuss and to the owners of small website development road in 2009.

starry piano nets general manager Ceng Jigui spoke at the meeting

starry piano nets general manager Ceng Jigui sweepstakes

conference moderator, honorary president of the Shanghai webmaster Association Wang Chenyun

organizing committee chairman: one party

from Shanghai webmaster Association launched 2009 Chinese grass-roots Internet Conference, is a large event in the Internet website stationmaster and small entrepreneurs, to the General Assembly on the development of 2009 Internet trend forecasting, each peer on large, all these will strengthen the concern and support of the outside world on survival and development of small and medium-sized sites, create more conducive to small and medium-sized site business market environment, the Internet can let China grassroots towards a more healthy direction.

refused to swim fish – Dong Qinfeng, the founder of the audience at the meeting to speak

Admin5 webmaster network: figure king

China Fu network CEO: Zhang Hua

conference site

of the world financial crisis is deeper and further affect the China and China Internet, 09 years of Shanghai grassroots Congress to keep pace with the times, "the financial crisis", put forward the "exploration", and in sharing the guests are ready, around the "cut", pragmatic pulse for small owners to provide thinking. The starry piano nets general manager Ceng Jigui, chairman Liu Xiaoguang, Shanghai rushed lagger stationmaster Dong Qinfeng, Admin5 webmaster graph king have a speech at the meeting, with the experience of open preaching, provided a good experience and reference for the small owners.

In addition

, provided by the starry piano nets TOYAMA Olympic piano at the conference on the passion played, held 2009 grass-roots Internet Conference added a touch of brilliant colors.


played the piano in the Olympic venue

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