Complete B round of financing valuation of 1 billion 320 million yuan

NetEase science and technology news October 20th news, recently, Luo officially announced the formal completion of the B round of financing, valuation of 1 billion 320 million yuan. This round of financing by China cultural industry fund led, Qiming venture partners and with the cast, while Liu Chuanzhi and other industry heavyweights in the logic of thinking to raise public equity. Huaxing capital acted as exclusive financial advisor to the financing.

Luo thinking positioned as a knowledge carrier, its products include WeChat public subscription number, knowledge class talk show video and audio products. Luo thinking slogan is a kind of fun, there are material, the current video thinking video series, has been broadcast in the three quarter, the volume of more than 290 million people. WeChat subscriber number has exceeded 5 million 300 thousand people, gathered in all walks of life of all ages.

for a first day to achieve profitability of the start-up companies, financing is not the purpose, but the means of gene hybridization." The logic of thinking CEO Li Tiantian said that a new round of financing will be used to do a little of value to the users of the thing, for example, rich product category, expand the platform content. Do this era of knowledge services, to become a knowledge of the operator needs.

as a new investor, Chinese cultural industry fund partner Chen Hang said: "the content of consumption, social economy and the middle class consumption upgrade is the main future economic growth, the growth is the logic of thinking strengths, the logic of thinking content production capacity and community gathering force has proved that the logic of thinking ahead the status, and will continue to lead, also spawned more rich and interesting business model, we are very optimistic about the future development of the logic of thinking."

general manager of Renaissance director Du Yongbo said: "from the establishment to the present, the logic of thinking as the Internet knowledge community, also has the ability to expand and imagination in the content production and direction of community electricity supplier. We are very pleased to see Luo Ji Thinking in such a short period of time to become China’s largest platform for the dissemination of knowledge, I believe the future of the company will be able to achieve greater success under the leadership of management." (Su Su)

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