Discuz! 7.0.0, UCenter Home 1.5 official version two pronged approach

Discuz! 7.0.0

following Discuz! 6.1.0 release, Discuz development team with the current BBS+SNS network community development trend, which lasted several months, for the majority of the webmaster to create a Discuz! 7.0.0,

Discuz! 7.0.0 is based on the new concept of community of the product, a bold innovation in the user experience and interface design, adding more members of interactive elements, to provide more powerful support for stationmaster operation, management functions in more convenient and fast.

            Discuz! 7.0.0 download address:


UCenter Home 1.5 official version

              UCenter Home 1.5 official version after version of many months improvement and adjustment, the user experience and function of the enhanced full range of all kinds of problems have been modified and solved, we recommend that you install or upgrade immediately.

key updates include:

new interface and user experience

UCenter Home 1.5 official version of the user interface and user experience for a lot of optimization work, the interface for a new design and revision. The new interface becomes more relaxed, simple, entertainment, a variety of user experience improvements, but also allows users to use more convenient and easy to use.

enhance various types of interactive elements inside the station

more interesting greeting function, friends birthday reminders, friends hot automatic calculation and display, recently visiting new revision, site notification system, communication and interaction to guide users better.

share more diverse, can share video, music, Flash animation

to enhance the sharing function is more easy to use, in addition to sharing the original elements, to increase support for video, music, Flash animation, so that the site’s entertainment elements to enhance the information more diversified.

group increased senior editor, create a group process, the main optimization function for

group increased the senior editor, you can publish text topic. An optimized group creation process makes it easier to create groups and to avoid similar group duplication

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