The development of e-commerce website two —- flow change sales

      general customer into a website can browse 15-30 seconds, how to retain customers in the 15-30 seconds, let the customer decide to spend on this website is the website to do work in heavy.

      so how can we allow customers to stay in such a period of time to spend it? There are three factors:

      first: the form and content of the entry page can impress customers.

      here are a few factors:

      1, the customer to see whether the product is consistent with their products to buy.

      2, whether the price of the product is attractive enough.

      3, the trust degree of the website to the customer.

      second, the site has the ability to interact with customers instant tools. Customers come to your site, there will be some questions need to consult, so the site should have the ability to allow customers to communicate with the site immediately tools, such as QQ, MSN, telephone, etc.. For example, Tietai wholesale nets, in every page we can see contact customer service QQ, especially in the product page, it is in the position for a few contact. If the customer to enter your site for your products have a good impression, but there are problems need to be confirmed, and can not find a solution to the problem, then the customer will choose to leave.

      third, the quality of website service personnel. The service attitude and professional level of the website service personnel will decide the customer to purchase the product on the website to a large extent. Because it is only mentioned in the first point of "entrance to give customers the feeling on the surface of the impression, if the customer to understand the products, solve their questions and concerns, will communicate through the website provides a communication tool and a web service staff. If the customer service staff to help customers solve all the problems, then I believe customers will make the decision to consume.

      fourth, the simple and convenient degree of website transaction process.

how customers in the first few steps are good, then the transaction process is very important in the site, and one of the main problems is to pay whether convenient, safe, fast and timely delivery. If the site can be a good solution to these two problems, I believe that it is easy for customers to trade successfully on the site. (Editor: admin02)

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