Reasonable account structure to build a new Baidu multiplier

reasonable account structure will have very important influence on the bidding, how to properly configure the account structure is a very severe test for the novice or veteran, can clear the account structure to optimize the quality degree of the late play a role, or even directly affect the account conversion rate, while allowing the bidding better when member management accounts.

A. importance of clear account structure

. Easy account management and monitoring

clear account structure can make bid member of saving time and labor management accounts, but also to carry out data to monitor the account to provide direction for the optimization on account. For example, when we want to see the leadership promotion of company’s products in Shaanxi or product promotion to see a product, if our account structure is clear the division of the products, the promotion of regional, so this time, bid member can clearly tell very clear leadership of our promotion results. We can even monitor to the transformation transformation brought by one key, so this time we can make the corresponding optimization of the conversion of keywords to improve the conversion rate.

. Optimization of account data analysis

we mentioned above that we have been able to monitor the account, then we can get a large amount of data in the account, and then analyze the data and make the corresponding optimization of the account. If the bid member can not be obtained accurately these accounts data, then what about the account account optimization, optimization is not the head of

two. New account setup process

first of all, we should make sure that the level of account structure is composed of four levels: account, plan, unit and key word.

The dimensions

A. promotion plan, we mainly plan divided from a regular dimension and auxiliary dimension, a regular dimension is the product, service, promotion of regional, auxiliary dimension is the activity, the conversion rate, when we partition plan is a combination of the two dimensions are divided.

The idea of B.

extension unit is to put the same structure and similar words in the same unit. Post account management and creative writing. When set up account we should clear our company is a single product or multiple products, if it is a single product, it is more clear if we extend the area, if it is more than a promotion in the region, it can be divided according to the promotion of regional promotion plan, product promotion division unit then different, if not the last filled keywords; promotion in many places, so we should set up the account structure and products.

if it is a variety of products, then we can be divided according to different product plans, and then set up account structure. At the same time we can also according to the company’s activities or transformation to plan, and then set up account structure.


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