There are still 310 thousand servers worldwide did not fix bleeding heart loophole


technology news Beijing time on June 23rd morning news, according to the latest data security company Errata, although the bleeding heart loophole initial exposure, many enterprises are actively fixes this vulnerability, but after that, the speed has slowed sharply, there are still nearly 310 thousand servers affected by this vulnerability.

first, in the first month after the bleeding heart loophole exposure, the company found that there are 600 thousand servers affected by this. Less than a month’s time, large sites and network hosting companies will have to repair the vulnerability, so that this figure fell to 318 thousand and 239 units.

but in second months, although this figure has also been reduced, but the amplitude was only 3%. There are still 309 thousand and 197 servers affected by bleeding heart loophole. The industry believes that, despite the world’s most popular sites are promptly patched the vulnerability, but there are still a large number of small and medium sites still do not take effective measures to prevent. (Ding Hong)

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