From the battery to the cold welding machine network promotion

I just graduated from

last year, went to work in Shenzhen OEM battery online sales of an enterprise engaged in foreign countries, also belong to the electronic commerce, the boss to give me a British electric bicycle website let me hand, this site does not have any product to sell, just do promotion, let it rank higher I can only find some other parts of the electric bicycle on top, and get on the bike, and all other information about electric vehicles put up half a month later, the site Google ranking to fifth. At that time felt so. So the boss gave me a German battery site, let me officially do. This site is quite difficult for me, because I do not understand German, with the translation software is not possible. So I use the method that is according to the tiger cat picture, because there is no way to add data, I can only just above data editing, layout and format directions, and consult know German colleagues to solve the language problem.

just over two months, maybe the effect is good, the good where I don’t know, but sales can also just made a Australia website to me, so I have to manage two website, this let me be taken by surprise, because at that time I felt very relaxed. Of course, the website included a few pages to reach 7, 80 thousand, dynamic management, nature is more relaxed. When I accept two websites, I feel the pressure. Do more than half a year, due to the self, left.

now playing for more than three months after the re pick up, suddenly feel unable to start, a new site, almost no included, only a few pages, ranking no, let me promote, is the cold welding machine. This is a very painful thing. But domestic websites want to do only do Baidu ranking, such sites, especially the specific product name, type a strong professional, let me very sad, because at the same time, there are 10 companies to do the bidding Baidu. Baidu for this thing is very cheap, milk is the mother, and I am a person to do, insufficient resources, a website, and another company of the same product, at the same time in the network business information posted on the website of people there is, it seems that they also occupied the network, let me out start, how to do


I just want to search, a lot of information out, but unfortunately not me, let me how to release, always can not compare with a family of ten promoters. Is there any way to solve this problem? The information they publish in a company covers a lot of places on the Internet, and it’s hard for me to compete with them. And I don’t think my skills are in place. The competition of e-commerce is becoming more and more fierce. Who can give me a good suggestion? Thank you.

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