Stationmaster net broadcast opening Alibaba Tencent pedestria nternet Conference

1 Ma secret system restricted stock plan rolling incentive

"in the exercise of the day, the first thing to pay taxes!" the Alibaba’s employees know that when you’re trying to borrow a lot of money to pay taxes, mostly cash money you can pay the equity incentive, the purchase Shoufu, or buy high configuration SUV car. Ali’s senior, every day to reward, but also to send a large red envelopes.

"Ali (arguably) there is a consensus – (cash) bonus is on past performance recognition, RSU plan is expected for the future, is the company that you will be able to make greater contributions to you." Talking about Alibaba shares of the relevant incentive measures, a recent departure from Alibaba who told reporters.


2 Wikipedia: will not cooperate with any form of online censorship in China

Wikipedia co-founder Wells said recently that Wikipedia would prefer to give up doing business in China, is not willing to accept any form of Internet censorship in china.

Wells in Hongkong to attend the International Conference on Wikipedia, the Wall Street Journal said that Wikipedia will never cooperate with the Chinese government to restrict information requirements". "The Wall Street journal" on the 12 day Chinese network reported that, at the beginning of June, Chinese blocked the encrypted version of Wikipedia on the domestic Internet users. Chinese netizens have access to the encrypted version of Wikipedia. Now, Chinese Internet users can only access the non encrypted version of Wikipedia. Wells said that he was not particularly worried about the risk of cyber attacks, because Wikipedia does not participate in malicious activities or transfer of financial data.


3.2345 navigation $760 million sale of 38% shares of the buyer non Internet Co

August 12th news, with 360 rumored to acquire the acquisition of the navigation of the incident, and ultimately A shares of listed companies to buy shares of the company’s shares to the price of 760 million yuan to buy shares of $38% in.

Zhejiang rich shares is an electric power equipment manufacturing and service company, in 2008 A shares listed. Zhejiang rich shares announced today announced the acquisition of this message, the announcement shows:

1 yuan by the Zhejiang rich shares and the controlling shareholder of Sun Yi jointly funded, Zhejiang rich shares invested not more than 650 million yuan, Sun Yi invested not less than $110 million, funded by cash.

After the completion of the investment

2, Zhejiang Fu shares and Sun Yi shares of 38%, with the actual holding of the chairman of the board of directors Pang Shengdong and

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