nput method Baidu tricks behind routine deep battle scenes

The end of the 2016

input method is not calm. On weekdays only silently upgrade version of the input method of Daniel, suddenly moves frequently. In October, with the help of Luo Yonghao iFLYTEK input method in the hammer technology conference presentation, using speech recognition accuracy of 97% is known as a stunning computer; then in 2016 meeting, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan is very arrogant and "future input method is automatic question answering" point of view, to add a voice input of artificial intelligence chai.

when people are waiting to see how to challenge Baidu input method, not wanted, it throws a look APP – Baidu odor general kangaroo, meaning can replace the keyboard and mouse input……

actually, all seemingly not move to make the disorder are at play, a direction – scene.

scene who in the world, the difference is the breakthrough of King

Baidu input method has this trick, it is not without signs. As early as in August this year, Baidu proposed a smart input strategy, which is a core purpose is to break through the bottleneck of the input medium.

Baidu kangaroo is such a differentiated assault. According to the official introduction, this is a mobile phone and computer can be connected to the input of the APP cross platform, at this stage, the Baidu mobile phone can become a kangaroo, voice input device, shorthand handwriting board, wireless mouse, video remote control, PPT laser pointer, the future will be more to.

is not finished after the introduction, there is a feeling to seem a little, arise spontaneously? "Then eggs".

if these features appear on television, may well understand a little, just like App for the smart TV development seems to have a large number of intelligent home, the box has a similar remote, but the basic function of speech is not used, is when the remote controller. Available at the PC end? Voice input maybe good prospects, tablet computer for VIP is completely meaningless, such as PPT page, video remote control function, use seems to be relatively small, what is the meaning of


in fact, seemingly Something is better than nothing. these functions, "in fact is a breakthrough in differences in the input scene. As Sogou, in the search and voice iFLYTEK’s point of view, the scene in general and its purpose is to force, forming a universal input traffic entrance, associated with more services to stick to the user. The purpose of the kangaroo is also this, that is, through the open end of the PC input of a wide range of related services in the way to expand the input method as the mobile Internet era traffic and service entrance channel.

all of which are all in the scene above two words, namely the input method from simple keyboard angle interactive way of liberation, into more scenarios, and when an input method can form more services, the needs of the user, also in the basic knowledge input method "the gap is too strong a sense of the moment, finally put their use of solid.

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