Overseas purchasing jumping wire business behind the huge industrial chain hidden legal risks

overseas purchasing in China has formed a very mature industry chain, the domestic large-scale e-commerce trading platform and a large number of luxury products in recent years, almost all of them have close contact with overseas purchasing. This article will reveal the legal hidden behind the huge industrial chain.


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Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "2011 (on) China e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that as of June 2011, overseas purchasing market transactions reached 20 billion 600 million yuan, by the end of 2011 is expected to reach 24 billion 100 million yuan. By 2012, the scale of overseas purchasing transactions will reach 48 billion yuan. At the same time statistics show that in overseas purchasing the most popular commodity category, cosmetics, milk powder and bags occupy the top three positions, followed by clothing accessories, electronic products, etc..

existing large e-commerce trading platform and a large number of luxury products in recent years, almost all of the overseas purchasing has close ties.

behind this huge industry chain, between the parties in the end is what the legal relationship between them? What hidden legal risks? Purchasing and the third party platform which is facing legal risks and how to use network planning to maximize the nip in the bud? This paper try to give answers at the same time, first of all to the basic for clarifying the concept of overseas purchasing.


overseas purchasing is what?

overseas purchasing is not a concept of the concept of vocabulary, but only by a buyer, the buyer and the seller to participate in the completion of the three party cross-border commodity and service transaction model. There are two main reasons for the formation of overseas purchasing industry, one is caused by domestic and foreign goods and services based on tariffs, domestic value-added tax, business tax, consumption tax, inspection fees and other factors of the difference, a part is the scarcity of goods and services within the territory of the species.

generally speaking, there are three channels of overseas purchasing supply channels, the first is through normal cargo transport. By 2010, the tariff adjustment effect, small foreign trade companies or individuals began to choose through the Alibaba or the Dunhuang network of e-commerce platform and logistics company, with the intensive way to handle the procedures for import and export of goods from customs.

such as the Alibaba together 1000 small foreign trade company or individual foreign trade, import and export procedures can be concentrated by foreign service providers, 1000 yuan of foreign trade service fee equal shares by the 1000 companies, the price is very low.

second is a private parcel post.

third is a person carrying clearance (for every kind of the "water" with the goods).

understand the supply channels, basically can be concluded that the price of overseas purchasing goods composition, that is, the cost of the product, the purchase of the purchase

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