Create a Android application for the site to promote the use of mobile phones

see some very professional website has its own Android App, but suffer from their own small website or blog is not enough manpower and material resources, only envy? But, today’s AppYet is a quick and easy for any website or your blog is used to create a Android application the program, only need a few simple steps, you can create a professional appearance, for your Android application, all of which are free of charge.


what is AppYet

AppYet is an online app that lets you turn your RSS feeds into a Android application by grabbing your web site and blog feeds. To fully understand any knowledge encoding people as you are me, it is so fast and convenient, with just a few clicks, your application will be sent to your mailbox.

uses AppYet to create its own Andr oid application

1 into the, click on the upper right corner of the creation of the application, the system will prompt you to register, remember to fill in the mailbox to the real, because you want to be used to receive the creation of a good Andr oid application.

2 in accordance with the prompts to fill in the content, focusing on the RSS source.


3 next page, where you can confirm your application settings. You can change your application icon.


4 if there are multiple sites or blogs, you can choose to continue to add a new feed.

5 last click submit (submit), after a few seconds, a good application will be sent to your mailbox.

uses AppYet to create the Andr oid application effect


, the generated APK file to install is not long winded, effect on the mobile phone is this:


or a list of ways, the effect is as follows:


need to be aware that, for the first time, you may need to wait one or two minutes to download the contents of the article.

something to note

1 is said to be a free version of AppYet will be embedded in your application advertising (although I did not see), these ads display and income rights are entered Ap>

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