Small and medium-sized e-commerce website to improve the sales skills

this article refers to the electronic commerce website mainly refers to the independent domain name to build the professional e-commerce sales website, and mainly refers to the B2C and C2C mode.

Taobao and pat are beyond the scope of this article, Taobao is a competitive battlefield, many owners in order to earn credibility by 0 profit, the people I know there is such a price, fight to fight at outrance, we do not discuss the electronic commerce way, unless you have a very strong market competitive and unique products, so Taobao is still a good place for you to profit.


friends are beginning to do e-commerce, ECSHOP, SHOPEX and other mall is their first choice, and then apply for a domain name and began his e-commerce entrepreneurial dream, a few months down, only a few hundred dollars profit. If you can do e-commerce, e-commerce is too simple, in the future everyone can start at home.

I plan some small and medium-sized e-commerce website for the company, monthly profits are also good, recently they do stand out to share, e-commerce sites need to be converted to make good use of the flow, the most simple way is to SEO and GOOGLE for profit flow, Baidu bid is too high for B2C C2C, electronic commerce, why to use SEO and GOOGLE for


1.SEO get traffic is a natural flow, no cost, but also is the intention of crowd, because they are directly into your site through search related products or information, before you might already know related products, want to buy can be found directly.

2.GOOGLE bid too much lower than Baidu, keyword matching also allows people to go directly to your site, it is easy to generate transactions. Strongly recommend the use of GOOGLE auction, the intention to flow faster, the same day the investment effect, and the conversion rate is high, do not need to understand the technology.

is the most direct way to get traffic and can get the deal, why don’t we go directly to buy traffic, tens of thousands of IP price is only tens of dollars, because the flow of direct purchase is garbage flows, 10 thousand IP might only have a purchase intention, is not worth the investment. Garbage flow is only suitable for use as a picture stand, joke station, SMS station, etc..

traffic is resolved, then we need to optimize our website, optimization includes:

1 the purchase process is simplified, the registration process must be simple, do not even require registration, simply fill in your address, phone, name, order submission, the system automatically records the information to be registered by name. Users can use the name of the next direct landing.

2 product description must be detailed, the picture must be more. Including the date of manufacture, storage period, and so on, so that not only eliminates some of the customer service workload, and detailed instructions and pictures can effectively improve the transaction volume at least a few times, this is what we have done before

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