Ylmf push operating system portal integration question answering system

recently, ylmf announced on the website that will make the revision and expansion in the near future, shortly before the global network of "wind" of the special report, the reporter had noticed the "wind" will make operating system portal.


from the portal in the introduction, the reporter learned that the operating system for portal is the key for the portal site, the portal site collection windows system, Linux system, mobile phone system software and information integration, information system and information system to provide the latest and most complete the fastest for users. Operating system portal will launch a Q & a system, to provide users with a platform to solve the problem of systems and software.

ylmf as the diversification of the Internet Co, launched the portal will be for rapid expansion of various new business mode, the operating system is the first step for portal is involved in portal website, the reporter noted that wind will also launch the "Dongguan portal", located in Dongguan for the majority of Internet users to provide localized consumer life information service.

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