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I want to explain, this article introduced the experience I not suitable for those who rely on some junk traffic to make money, those dumpster can use now popular network elements such as keywords or beauty video, movie like get a flow, and through the visitor clicks on ads earn a lot of the station money.

I have built a dumpster that the contents were everything, specifically looking for some online popular things put up at that time, Baidu is not like now, just is a web page, you are included, only a day from Baidu to flow is amazing, then, as Baidu has included the adjustment, I gradually became a waste, a domain name is also called "Li Jiulong" note to the park.

now China Internet, personal station is an inevitable trend of professional, the professional website, if there is no ground for blame, as before to promote, go to fight for those spam traffic, even if the flow is high, it is difficult to succeed, the site is now too much, the competition is very fierce, a station. Do not have their own characteristics, not only from their own content, search, forum, blog and other places through some striking keywords pull flow, can have what effect


this problem is worth every individual webmaster thinking.

a few days ago to know a Zhejiang Wenzhou female webmaster, she has a small website, she stood on the commodity is to make a seal, business cards and the like. She is from the webmaster nets my article see my contact method contact me. I looked at her station, do stand five years, PR or, Baidu included only more than and 20 pages, I asked the next flow, she said, only a few dozen IP. QQ, I said to her, your station promotion really not how, she admitted, and said to me, I want to teach her to promote website. I said that if the site is not important to her business, then there is no need to do stand, she suddenly said, how important it is, my business is fifty percent from this site.

heard this sentence, I was startled, thought it was a joke, she explained that the flow was small, but almost every IP is blunt her business, each IP almost can earn the money, now have a good network, customers from all over the country.

, though a bit exaggerated, but I am deeply shocked, I never thought of the network of traditional business challenges. Let me think about the importance of real flow, a website, if all the popular attractive keywords by the pull over, open your station, greatly disappointed, hurry to put your stand off, no real significance to this traffic, website to pull traffic is a real and effective flow is very important.

I also build a site of study about the blog site, once several times a day to see statistics, flow up, flow down, joy, sorrow, was in the Baidu search search popular information and movie list >

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